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Air Travel

Shoreline has established a Corporate Travel Account (CTA Account) to be used for purchasing airline tickets. Do not make your airline reservations directly with the airline carrier, due to OFM regulations the College CAN NOT reimburse you for airfare.


Once your Travel Requisition Form has been approved, the Travel Desk will authorize the travel agency to charge the CTA Account and issue the e-tickets.  A confirmation of your e-tickets will be sent to your email account. Check-in should be available 24 hours before your flight; it is suggested that you take advantage of early check-in.


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Car Rental

State of Washington Car Rental Contract


Effective August 1, 2004


Your travel arrangements may require renting a motor vehicle for official state business. The State of Washington has a mandatory contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car effective October 19, 2009.


This contract is available for travel in the continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Local reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, seven (7) calendar days in advance for one-way rentals, mini vans, large SUVs and 12 passenger vans. Contract user will be authorized to use Corporate Account #45WA038 with Shoreline Community College issued identification card. A “user” is defined as an employee of Shoreline Community College.


Book car rental as follows: 

  • Book online at
    • Account Number: 45WA038
  • Call the local Enterprise office directly at 206-363-2620


SHORELINE, WA. 98133-6527


The following information will be requested: 

  • Name of Person reserving the vehicle.
  • Phone number and Email address.
  • Location of rental car pick-up (or arrange pick-up).
  • Date/time(s) requiring vehicle.
  • Arriving airline and flight number, estimated time of arrival (if applicable).
  • Car size needed.
  • Location of rental car drop off (if one way).
  • Renter date of birth, address, driver’s license number and expiration.


Pricing includes unlimited miles in most situations, full LDW (liability) insurance coverage, no loss of use charges, no surcharge on drivers 18 years and older.




Vehicle Type









Full Size



SUV (5 Passenger)



SUV (7-8 Passenger)






12 Passenger Van


Shoreline Community College does not allow users to rent the 15 passenger vans due to safety issues and risk.


The state contract includes full insurance coverage; decline the insurance unless you personally want to pay for the accident insurance. The state contract user agrees the rental vehicle will not be used: 

  • Under the influence of alcohol or any prohibited drugs.
  • Personal or illegal purposes.
  • Push or tow another vehicle.
  • Carry passengers or property for hire.
  • By an unlicensed driver, or person other than an authorized driver.
  • Outside the continental United Stated, across international boundaries except whereby specifically authorized by the rental agreement.
  • In test, race or contest.
  • By a driver who allows more passengers to occupy the vehicle than there are seatbelts or who does not require all passengers to comply with applicable seatbelt and child restraint laws.

On returning from your trip, fill out the Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) and attach all original receipts for the costs of the rental. Record the date and purpose of the trip.


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Ferry Use

Save your original receipt and include it with your Travel Expense Voucher for reimbursement.


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Local Area and Vicinity

Local area mileage is defined as day trips within 50 miles of Shoreline Community College.  Use the Travel Expense Voucher to log the miles you drive your own car on official business.  With your supervisor's approval and signature, you may claim mileage reimbursement.  Submit the completed, approved form monthly for reimbursement. 


The official station is normally presumed to be the Shoreline Community College campus. 


Vicinity Travel is mileage within a destination city.  Do not confuse  this with Local Area Mileage which is to be used for claiming mileage reimbursement on a monthly basis for regular day trips when performing official business away from your official work station.


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Point-to-point mileage is the distance in miles between the point of departure (your official work station on a normal work day) and your destination, using the vehicle odometer reading, or an official state highway map that provides mileage between cities. You may also use MapQuest or Google Driving Directions to determine number of miles between destinations - be sure to print out and include with the Travel Expense Voucher.



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Privately Owned Vehicles

Shoreline's employees may use their personal vehicle when conducting official business away from their work station with prior approval. To claim reimbursement for mileage, you will need to complete a Travel Expense Voucher upon return from travel status.  To assist you in computing the mileage,  refer to  or use your odometer reading for recording the exact miles driven. The travel expense voucher form available on the college intranet includes the current reimbursement rate and will calculate the reimbursement amount based on the number of miles driven.


You may choose to travel by private car rather than by airplane to your destination.  If this is approved, your private car mileage is reimbursed at either the current mileage reimbursement rate or at the lowest regular airfare to your destination, whichever is lower.


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State Owned Vehicles

It may be more economical to use state-owned vehicles. Shoreline has 2 ten passenger vans that are available through the Safety and Security Office. They are for use by campus personnel by reservation only.


In order to reserve a ten passenger van, or for more details about state-owned vehicles, please contact Campus Security at X4633.


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Travel Agencies

The following travel agencies are state-approved travel agencies that have established an Corporate Travel Account CTA (Corporate Travel Account) with Shoreline Community College for making travel arrangements for its employees and students. 


For large group trips with prior approval from Financial Services please make arrangements through:


Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Phone: 206-546-5131


Contact: Patty Scudder


For all international travel and only international travel, please make arrangements through:


Scan East West Travel

100 W Harrison, North Tower

Seattle, WA. 98119

Phone: 206-623-2157

Fax: 206-623-2970


Contact: Barbara Nelson



For further information on travel agency fees go to:


 *  If specialized travel services cannot be accommodated through one of these agencies, other qualified travel agencies may be used. Please contact for more information.


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