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Introduction to Travel at Shoreline Community College

This travel handbook has been prepared to assist Shoreline's employees in ensuring compliance with the State and College travel and transportation regulations. This handbook contains information on conference registrations, airline reservations, lodging, car rental, use of state vehicles, per diem rates, as well as how to complete the necessary forms.  


The travel rules in this handbook are based on the rules and regulations published by the Office of Financial Management (Chapter 10 SAAM Manual – ).  The College must adhere to these rules and regulations in processing all travel requests, and in some instances, the College must establish procedures where indicated by the state regulations. 


You are in “travel status” when conducting official state business i.e., "... those activities performed by an official or employee of the state, ... as directed by his or her supervisor in order to accomplish state programs or as required by the duties of his or her position or office."  


A checklist is included in this handbook to help you with the arrangements you will need to make prior to your travel and what will be needed to obtain reimbursement upon your return from travel status. 


The following paragraphs briefly describe Shoreline Community College forms that you may need in processing your travel requests and reimbursements: 


Shoreline has developed a Travel Requisition Form (TR) which must be completed when an advance is requested, or when using travel other than personal vehicle (POV), or for all travel outside Washington or borders of Oregon and Idaho. You must have appropriate signatures obtained prior to conducting any official business away from your official station, i.e. the main campus.  The Travel Requisition Form gives you the approval needed to proceed with making your travel arrangements.  The requisition form also provides for the payment of registration fees and/or air and train fare that is required to be prepaid by the College.   


NOTE: The preferred way to have registration paid is by an approved travel requisition form (TR), which will cut down on duplicate payments.  Also, mileage only within Washington state does not require a travel requisition form, however it does require a Travel Expense Voucher after your trip.


Upon return from travel status you must submit a Travel Expense Voucher within three days, for travel within the United States, and within ten days for international travel, for reimbursement of those expenses itemized on the Travel Requisition Form.  All vicinity travel should be reported monthly. It is important that you save your receipts as receipts are required for all expenses.  Lodging cannot be reimbursed without an original detailed hotel/motel receipt showing that full payment has been made.  It is advised that “express hotel checkout” be avoided, and that you check out at the hotel office, so that you may obtain a receipt that shows full payment (zero balance). 


This handbook should provide all the information you need for processing routine travel requests.  All travel questions can be answered by the Travel Desk at