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Travel Handbook

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Glossary of Terms



Glossary of Terms

Authorized Travel Period

The period of time when the employee is in authorized travel status away from the official duty station.


Corporate Travel Account (CTA)

An account established with American Express for the purchasing of airline and train tickets through a travel agency.


Exception to High Cost

When lodging costs exceed of the maximum allowable per diem rate of a specific area, full reimbursement for actual lodging expenses may be allowed under the Exception to High Cost Rule.  Please refer to the Travel Authorization Form for complete explanation.


High Cost Areas

Those areas in the continental USA that have been identified as "high cost".  Refer to Schedule B for a complete list of lodging and subsistence rates.


Local Area Mileage

Defined the same as vicinity mileage, but reimbursement is usually submitted on a monthly basis with one Travel Authorization Form submitted for the fiscal year.


Non High Cost Areas

Any area in the continental USA not specifically identified as a high cost area in OFM regulations is a "non high cost area."  Refer to Schedules A and B for rates.


Official Duty Station

The city, town, or other location where the employee's office is located or where the employee's work is performed on a permanent basis.



Office of Financial Management, a state regulatory agency governing State Travel Regulations.


Per Diem

The daily allowance for expenses of meals and commercial lodging while in travel status.



The distance in miles between place of departure (usually work station or residence) and destination city, according to official state highway maps or charts showing mileage between cities.



The daily allowance for meal costs when you are in travel status at least three hours beyond your normal work day. 


Three-Hour Rule

In order to qualify for meals and/or lodging reimbursement, an employee must be in travel status three or more hours before, after, or any combination thereof, beyond an employee's normal work day.


Travel Advance

A dollar amount requested to defray an employee's anticipated reimbursable expenses while traveling on state business away from the official duty station or residence.


Travel Authorization Form

Form providing an estimate of travel expenses and authorization for an employee to be away from his/her official work station to conduct official state business.


Travel Expense Voucher

Form to be used in submitting a claim for reimbursement of expenses incurred while in travel status.


Travel Status

The official status of an employee when the employee is away from both the official residence and the official station on state-related business.



Defined as day trips within 50 miles of Shoreline Community College and mileage within a destination city.


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