Travel Handbook

This online Travel Handbook is provided to ensure all Shoreline Community College employees comply with Washington State and College travel and transportation regulations. This handbook contains information on conference registrations, airline reservations, lodging, car rentals, use of state vehicles, per diem rates, etc. Use these links to instructions on how to complete a Travel Authorization (TA) and an Expense Report in ctcLink. A TA is required and must be created and approved in ctcLink before any college-related travel may occur. 

The instructions in this handbook directly align with the rules and regulations published by the Washington State Office of Financial Management in the Standard Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM) – Chapter 10. College employees must adhere to these rules and regulations when processing all travel requests. In some cases the College may establish and implement supplemental procedures when indicated by state regulations.  

You are in “travel status” when conducting office state business (i.e., “...those activities performed by an official or employee of the directed by your supervisor in order to accomplish state programs, or as required by the duties of your position or office.”) 

Refer to this Travel Checklist to determine what arrangements you must make prior to business travel and what is required to obtain reimbursement for expenses upon your return from travel status. 

Before you conduct any overnight or out-of-state College business travel (away from your official station, i.e. the main campus), you must have the appropriate approval from your supervisor. A Travel Authorization (TA) must be created in ctcLink, approved by the assigned budget manager, and processed by financial services five (10) days prior to the first day of travel. The Travel Authorization is a digital record of all estimated costs related to your travel. It also ensures you obtain the required approvals as you arrange lodging, transportation services (e.g., car rental, train, or shuttle service), airfare, conference registrations, etc. 

NOTE:  Personal vehicle mileage is reimbursable. A Travel Authorization (TA) is not required for in-state, non-overnight travel via personal vehicle. Complete an Expense Report in ctcLink to request mileage reimbursement. Vicinity travel should be reported at least monthly. 

Upon return from travel status you must create an Expense Report in ctcLinkwithin (10) ten business days. Be sure to save original receipts. Receipts must be uploaded as digital attachments to the Expense Report. It is advised that “express hotel checkout” be avoided. Obtain a lodging receipt that shows full payment (zero balance) and last four digits of the credit card number used for payment. 

IMPORTANT:  Each traveler is responsible for arranging their own conference registration, airline reservations, lodging, rental car, shuttle service, etc. These tasks are not handled by the Financial Services department. Financial Services only ensures that your Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports are processed in ctcLink. 

Please email for travel related questions and assistance