Technology Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of the Technology Committee is to develop and implement the strategic technology plan for the college. The plan includes the long-term instructional and administrative technology needs for college leadership initiatives and the college-wide strategic plan. The strategic technology plan aligns with the work of the Strategic Planning & Budget Council and coordinates with the student technology plan. The strategic technology plan’s scope is a two-year cycle and is reviewed and adjusted semi-annually, or as necessary. Working with the Strategic Planning & Budget Council, the Technology Committee will make prioritized budget allocation recommendations to the college to implement the strategic technology plan, including the use of unallocated funds from the college technology fee.

  • Advisory to: Vice President of Administrative Services.
  • Coordinates with: College Council and the Strategic Planning & Budget Council.
  • Liaison: Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Required by contract or statute: No
  • Status of the Committee: Permanent

Meeting Frequency

Twice per month on a schedule convenient for committee members. Additional meetings will occur as required. Active participation and attendance is mandatory, and lack of participation and attendance may be grounds for removal by the VPAS on the recommendation of the Chair.

Communication of Agenda and Summaries 

Agendas and meeting minutes will be posted online. Minutes will be posted following approval from the committee at its next regularly-scheduled meeting. In addition, the committee will solicit broad feedback from the campus during the development of the Strategic Technology Plan, as well as during and after implementation of the plan.

Role of the Vice President

The Vice President for Administrative Services does not serve as a voting member of the committee. He/She serves as an ex-officio member and will help to coordinate the work of the Technology Committee with the work of the Strategic Planning & Budget Council.


Membership is broadly representative of the campus community.  Members will be recommended to the President by the heads of the college constituencies:

  • Three Administrators
  • Three Classified Staff
  • Three Faculty
  • Three Students
  • Ex Officio Member: Vice President for Administrative Services—Advisory to PSET and provides committee resources; liaison with Strategic Planning & Budget Council

Committee members shall be recommended to the President based on individual expertise in technology within their functional area of responsibility within the college, time availability, and/or technology leadership experience. Membership shall include the Technology Support Services Director and eLearning Director; Classified Staff from TSS, and staff who are technology end users in Enrollment Services and Administrative Services; Faculty with expertise in technology applications for on-campus instruction, online instruction, and library/online research; Students who serve on the Student Body Administration Technology Committee. It is advisable that the Technology Committee include members who also serve on the Strategic Planning & Budget Council.

Chairing the Committee

The committee Chair will come from the Administrative constituency group. The committee Vice Chair will come from one of the three other constituency groups. The Chair and Vice Chair will serve for at least a one-year term with appointments being approved by the committee in consultation with the VPAS at the end of spring quarter for the upcoming academic year.

Length of Terms

Administrative, Classified Staff, and Faculty members shall serve renewable three-year terms. Student terms will be for one year.

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