The process for requesting operating funds each year is completed through the Budget Planning System.  This is a web-based application that is used every year during the budget planning process.

Operating Requests

Departments should enter their requests into the BPS in the department adjust or department request column.  Each request should have an explanation for the change.  There are tabs across the top for staff, other expenses, and revenue (if applicable).

These requests will then be reviewed by the department Dean and VP/EVP/ED and then reviewed during the decision process.


Revenue changes

If your department wants to change or implement a new fee associated with a class or other student expense (i.e. Parent Child Center), then you need to adjust the revenue tab in the BPS to the updated expected revenue for the fiscal year.

Please provide details by class and/or fee code as to the changes and the fee amounts for each class or item. These details should be emailed to Dawn Vinberg by April 15, 2016 and should include applicable course information, fee amounts, rationale, and any other information to help explain the fee changes or increases. 

Decisions and Next Steps

The transparent budget process included a new step for FY 2016-17.  The Executive Team is providing information on decisions and rationale for Operational Budget Requests via the SPBC website.  This is not an all-inclusive list and is intended to include most requests over $10,000.

See the FY 2016-17 BPS Decisions and Rationale

More detailed budget information will be available when FMS Query goes live for FY 2016-17 in early September.