The Strategic Planning & Budget Council serves as an advisory group to the President.

Member Role Representing Term Expires
Dawn Beck ET Sponsor    
Catherine Bourdeau Support    
JoAnna Buxton Member Classified June 2022
Ric Doike-Foreman Member Classified June 2022
Michael Boehm Member Classified June 2023
Paul Fernandez Member Classified June 2023
Miranda Levy Member Classified June 2023
Louise Petruzzella Member Exempt June 2021
Samira Pardanani Member Exempt June 2023
Nancy Dick Member Exempt June 2023
Adam Staffa Member Exempt June 2023
Zack Thill Member Exempt June 2023
Michelle Kleisath Member Faculty June 2022
Kevin Roner Member Faculty June 2021
Elizabeth Hanson Member Faculty June 2022
John Tankersley Member Faculty June 2022
Sarah Swanberg Member Faculty June 2023
Sunshine Cheng Member Student, ASG President June 2021*
Nathan Sidik Member Student, ASG Budget & Finance Officer June 2021*
Tio (Aimee) Runtukahu Member Student, ASG Governmental Affairs Officer June 2021*
Cassie Magsie Member Student June 2021*
Joel Joel Member Student June 2021*
Cliff Frederickson Ex-Officio Budget Director By position

Terms are 3 years. A person cannot serve more than 6 consecutive years.

*Students serve one-year terms.