Funding Requests

Apply for Funding

What is the appropriate funding source?

There are three types of funds to apply for at the College:

  1. aSAP
  2. Operational
  3. Innovation

Here’s how you would decide on which funding source is appropriate for your idea.


Your project should go through the aSAP process if:

  • Your request is for permanent Classified or Exempt positions. You need to go through the aSAP process, even if the work being done is operational.  (Note:  Decisions about Faculty positions are made through a separate process.  Please contact your unit administrator with questions about new faculty positions.)
  • Your request is over $50,000. You should go through the aSAP process because this is a substantial investment and the background required by the application process is valuable.
  • Your request is for something that is a change in process or a new idea that will benefit your department and aligns with the goals and objectives of the strategic plan.


Your project should go through the Operational Budget Process if:

  • Your request is for something that might fit the LODO definition, “Lights on, doors open.” You need an increase for a key operational function of your department that keeps our college operating. Examples include:
    1. An increase in the cost of something required (like armored car service).
    2. A state or federal mandate that is increasing processing time or required reporting to remain compliant.
    3. Upgrades or maintenance to software or equipment.


Your project should be submitted through the Innovation Funds Reserve if meet all of the following criteria:

  • One-time cost(s) (there won’t be ongoing, permanent costs associated with the project- it will have a clear start and end date. For example, a permanent position would not be considered a one-time cost, but perhaps an hourly person to work on data entry for a 6-month project would be.
  • Your request has a clearly-defined return on investment (ROI) or benefit to the College, either financial or otherwise.
  • You wish to pilot an idea to test its effectiveness, OR are proposing something that has never been done at Shoreline Community College before.

Additional note about the Innovation Fund Reserve: Your project doesn’t have to align with the College’s Strategic Plan, although it should still be consistent with the College’s Core Themes.