Strategic Planning & Budget

January 8, 2007

Message from the President and the Strategic Planning Committee

Following is information that will provide the reader with an understanding of the College’s strategic planning process and the importance of this activity to our College operations.  The College is facing a critical juncture as we look towards the future, anticipate the needs of students, employers, and others in our community, and determine a course for our institution that leads to excellence.  It will be a time of reflection, and change is inevitable.

Shoreline Community College has served this community for 43 years.  We began very modestly as an evening program in the old Shoreline High School and have built a college that now serves over 10,000 students each year.  Our tradition for excellent service to our students, outstanding quality of education by our faculty, and strong leadership among our peers will be continued.

This is an exciting time for the College to define and affirm our mission, vision and core values.  Over time, this planning process will become as natural for this campus as creating a quarterly schedule.  The process will also incorporate the thoughts and ideas of more and more people that will give the plan its vitality.

Why a Strategic Plan and why right now?

Our last Strategic Plan was created in 2002. At present, most would agree that it does not accurately reflect our values and goals as it once did. Given that it is now out of date, it is important to create a document that clearly articulates who we are, what we value and how we envision our future. The strategic plan of any institution serves as a compass to guide decision-making related to both our short-term and long-term future.  These decisions include allocation of operating budgets, proposals for funding initiatives such as grants or capital appropriation, assignment of human resources, and more.

Our goal is to create a strategic plan that guides this decision making and yet is understandable to all stakeholders in the College.  During this time of change, we will rely on our external stakeholders, our legislators, our donors, our business community, to actively support this change.  We will need our students faculty and staff to participate and support this plan and to implement the critical directives.

It has been five years since our last significant effort to produce a strategic plan.  This document is the foundation of our efforts to plan our future, and therefore, must be completed in a timely fashion this year.

What is Strategic Planning Committee doing?!

The Strategic Planning Committee has been charged with creating a new Strategic Plan by President Lambert, and he has asked that a draft be prepared by the end of Winter quarter, 2007. During Fall quarter, the group completed an Environmental Scan. Both internal and external sources were examined to determine who we are, what we value, trends in our community and challenges, both internal and external, that we will face in the next few years. The Scan showed us that while we are knowledgeable about ourselves and the surrounding community, there are still things for us to learn. Many of the documents and information sources used to complete the scan are available for you to examine through the links on the Strategic Planning website. Upon completion of the scan, it was agreed that it was time to seek the input of the entire campus community as well as community members.

When do I get to participate? Now!

The Strategic Planning Committee hopes that you will take the time to participate in the next two weeks. We encourage you to do some reading, think carefully about Shoreline Community College and then participate in the Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats (SWOT) exercise that can be completed by going to the Strategic Planning website.   Below are step-by-step instructions that will enable you to give informed and thoughtful input to the process of creating the new Strategic Plan.

1. Documents that were used in completing the scan and that are pertinent to national and local trends in employment and education are available for your perusal. We ask that you consider reading some of them before you participate in the SWOT analysis. You do not need to read all of the documents, but we hope that you will at least glance at a few.

2. Go to the SWOT exercise and complete it online. The exercise will ask you to consider our institution’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.  Definitions of these attributes are provided in the introduction. Space is provided for your comments and concerns as well. If you do not wish to participate online you may contact Diana Knauf (, 206-546-4656) who will provide you with a paper copy of the exercise.

3. Stay tuned for further updates about the upcoming Strategic Plan. We thank you so for your participation in this very important process.