President's Cabinet

President's Cabinet

President's Communication and Advisory Network 

"Clear, consistent and transparent Communications wheel diagramcommunication is a cornerstone to all that we want to accomplish here at Shoreline Community College.


"To that end, I have established the President's Communication and Advisory Network. The network includes a revamped administrative structure called the President's Cabinet, which

includes a new Executive Leadership Team, a new Classified Advisory Group and stronger connections to the existing Faculty Senate Council and student Parliament.


"In addition, the college retains the existing committee-based governance structure to ensure that communication opportunities are available to all employees and students."


Interim President Daryl Campbell



Cabinet 2013-14


ELT agendas

ELT meeting notes

Cabinet agendas


Cabinet meeting notes

                  *October 30, 2013 Handout

                 *October 22, 2013 Handout(s)





From 2005-2013, the administrative leadership structure was known as the President's Senior Executive Team. Documents from that period are available here.