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Data Express (UDALink)

Data Express (Now UDALink)

Data Express has now been named UDALink, but it works almost identically to the way it did before. There are a few minor differences.


1. Whenever you run the procedure it asks for the Catalog directory. Just leave this blank in most cases.



2. You are now asked for USER name. Enter the name of the data base displayed, e.g. SM.


There are a few exceptions to this rule: AP, CA, EMP, SAFER, and SM. See this User Exceptions Excel Spreadsheet




3. You are now asked for USER password. Enter the password for the data base displayed, e.g. the password for SM. This is the same password you used for the databases in Data Express.



4. You can now save directly to Adobe PDF and Excel xls



5. Wherever you used @ before, you now use * as the wild-card



6. Here is a link to a .pdf showing all the differences between Data Express and UDALink