Shoreline Community College aspires to be a comprehensive international learning environment that encourage global awareness and engagement. Creating such an environment serves as an important strategy in attracting and retaining domestic and international students by underscoring the relevancy of their college experience to their lives and interests.

Our vision is to create a comprehensive international learning environment that prepares all SCC students to become globally competent members of the workforce and actively engaged citizen, and is an asset to both local and global communities.

Domestic students should have an opportunity to connect with international students in ways that foster attainment of SCC’s Global Awareness learning outcome. International students should experience a welcoming campus that provides meaningful opportunities to connect with domestic students, the campus, and the broader community. Community members, whose support is vital to the College’s success, will view Shoreline as a vibrant place where they can learn more about the evolving world and engage in meaningful conversations with faculty, other experts and one another.