Day of Learning

Shoreline's Day of Learning

Dear Colleague,


We are one week away from this year’s Day of Professional Learning! In preparation for both the day and specifically our morning Breakout Session I, below is a short list of videos, podcasts, cartoons, and articles.


Action required

Please select ONE from one of the FOUR categories—you can listen to a podcast, or read an article, or watch a video, or read a cartoon.


Additional Instructions

As you are reading, watching, or listening, please consider the following as you prepare for our morning Breakout Session:

How do you feel? Why are you feeling the way you feel?
What do you think? Why?

What’s next?

Select, click, and enjoy!


VIDEO: What is Privilege? The Coin Analogy [CC]
VIDEO: Tim Wise on White Privilege [CC]

PODCAST: Dear Sugars: Talking about Privilege with Catrice M. Jackson [CC]
PODCAST: Educate Yourself [CC]

CARTOON: You're Not Going To Believe What I'm About To Tell You (WARNING: choice language!)
CARTOON: On a Plate - A Short Story About Privilege


With humility and gratitude, Shine!


Gloria Ngezaho, MACR, Ed.D
Executive Director
Employee Engagement, Equity,

And Organizational Development


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