Leave Form - Faculty

Shoreline Community College

Explanation of Leave Types for Full-Time and Associate Faculty


Listed below are explanations of the various types of leave for Full-Time and Associate Faculty and leave instructions for reporting leave as found in the Faculty Agreement (effective July 1, 2000 through June 30, 2003).

ACCRUED PERSONAL LEAVE: Leave may be used for illness, injury, bereavement, disability, home demands because of recent paternity, adoption of a child, or emergencies defined as sudden, unforeseen situations temporarily interfering with the employee’s ability to execute professional duties.

Personal leave can also be used for reasons of a personal nature; however, such leave shall not be used for holiday or recreational purposes or for gainful employment or self-employment. Reasonable attempts to arrange class coverage shall be expected. No more than one such personal leave day may be taken per academic quarter. 

Disability leave may be granted upon the advice of a healthcare specialist.

Family leave may be used by an academic employee to care for a child in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act. Immediate Family is defined as the step or natural child, mother, father, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandmother, grandfather, grandchild of the employee or employee’s spouse, and the spouse, son-in-law, daughter-in-law of the employee, or any person living in the immediate household of the employee. Such leave may be either without pay or taken from accumulated personal leave and may be for a period of up to 12 weeks.


 PROFESSIONAL AND OTHER LEAVES OF ABSENCE: Professional and leaves of absence other than those mentioned in Sections B, E, and F, may be approved with or without pay by the College President or his/her designee. Requests for such leaves should include the dates and times the academic employee wishes to be absent, and the necessary arrangements which would be made to cover the period of absence. Leaves without pay shall result in a reduction of 1/172 of the annul contract for each day of leave. 


LEAVE OF ABSENCE WITHOUT PAY: Leave without pay may be granted by the Employer to any academic employee for purposes as the following: study, travel- related to discipline, illness, maternity, special assignments, participation in leadership of professional or labor organizations, military service, government service, occupational experience appropriate to assignment.

Seniority and other health benefits, excluding employer paid health insurance premiums, shall continue to accrue to an academic employee on leave to study, to travel if that travel is related to the employee’s teaching area, to gain occupational experience appropriate to his/her discipline, or for special assignments. Seniority and other benefits shall not continue to accrue to an academic employee on leave for reasons other than stated above. The Employer shall be obligated to re-employ, to a professional position for which he/she is qualified, an academic employee who has been on approved leave of absence Employees who qualify for such coverage must be in pay status by reporting monthly progress on their project or assignment. Employees on leave for a quarter or more shall notify the employer of his/her intent to return from leave 5 weeks prior to completion of leave.


MILITARY LEAVE: Military leave shall be granted to academic employees under the provisions of the applicable federal and state statutes.


JURY DUTY AND SUBPOENA LEAVE: Leave with regular paid salary shall be granted to employees summoned to Jury Duty, provided a qualified substitute can be secured. Compensation received from Jury Duty service shall be reimbursed to the college, excluding any regularly accepted per diem expenses paid by the Court.

Academic employees shall be granted Subpoena leave as may be required by the Subpoena, and shall be paid her/his regular salary less any compensation received for her/his services, excluding transportation and per diem expenses, except when the academic employee is the plaintiff or defendant in such action. This exception shall not apply when the academic employee is named as plaintiff or defendant while in the performance of her/his duties.



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REQUEST FOR LEAVE: Academic employees shall submit a Faculty Request/Report of Leave form to their unit administrator. 

1.  In the event of a planned absence: The academic employee will submit a written request for leave with sufficient advance notice to allow timely consideration by the unit administrator. Verbal requests for leave will not suffice and leave taken without prior written approval will be considered an unapproved and unpaid absence.

2.  In the event of an unplanned absence: Request for emergency leave must be filed within 2 days after the return of the employee to be considered for approval or disapproval by the unit administrator.


Please direct any questions about leave to the Office of Human Resources & Employee Relations.