Electronic Funds Transfer


Electronic Funds Transfer of Salary (Direct Deposit)

Important Note:


It is the employee's responsibility to notify the payroll office of any bank or account information changes that occur.  This is vitally important.  Failure to do so may result in a delayed payment to the employee.


How to Enroll

  1. Complete the top portion of the Electronic Funds Transfer form.
  2. Sign and date the form to authorize the direct deposit process.
  3. Attach a voided check (for deposit into a checking account) or savings deposit slip (for deposit into a savings account) with your printed name and account number.  If you are unable to submit a voided check or savings deposit form, have your financial institution complete the bottom portion of this form.
  4. Submit to the Human Resources Office for processing.


After Enrolling

The first payroll after you return your completed Electronic Funds Transfer of Salary Authorization form to the payroll office is always a test of the transfer process and an actual payroll check will be issued.


The next payroll, access your payroll information electronically at:  https://wts.shoreline.edu/earnhist/.  Use your SID and PIN numbers issued by the College.  If you do not have access to your PIN, call Human Resources at 546-4769.  If the transfer has been successful, the “Check Type” will say “Advice”.  This will be your assurance that the transfer process has begun and your payroll funds have been directly deposited.  This electronic information is your pay stub.  You will not receive a paper copy.


Ending You Direct Deposit

The EFT process will remain in effect until the payroll office receives written notification from you to stop your EFT process. If you change accounts, you must complete a new Electronic Funds Transfer of Salary Form.  Again, you will receive a payroll check the first payroll after your change is submitted until your new account number has been tested.


Your last salary payment, when employment is terminated, must also be issued as a paycheck not an E.F.T.  This paycheck will be available for your pickup in the Human Resources Office or you may request to have it mailed.


Some banks may post your electronic funds transfer later than the hour the bank opens.  Consult your bank for the time of day your funds will usually be available to you.