Certificate Of Completion Instructions

Please use this template when creating Certificates of Completion for students. 

  1. Type the student’s name in bold face capital letters where the template states “Insert Name (CAPS) using Arial font , size 24 point.   
  2. Insert the name of the program in either all capital letters or capitalizing the first letter of each program word where the template specifies "Insert Program Name." Use 18 point Arial font in bold.   
  3. If a program wishes to include a line stating items such as the number of credits, clock hours, "graduated with merit," or course content there is sufficient space to insert the information between the Program Name and the date. 
  4. Insert the date of completion in 14 point Arial where the template states,  “Insert Date.”  Please spell out the entire name of the month (e.g., September, October). 
  5. After all of the required information has been inserted onto the template, print the certificate on the pre-printed Certificate of Completion forms, on college letterhead stock paper, available from Andy Conrad aconrad@shoreline.edu or extension 4674. 
  6. Certificates of Completion are to be signed by Alison Stevens, Executive Vice President for Student Learning & Success and Guy Hamilton, Executive Dean, Workforce & STEM.  
  7. Once the certificates are signed, they will be returned to their respective divisions for distribution. 
  8. The template of the Certificate of Completion should be used when creating certificates for students. Complete the required information and print on your laser printer on pre-printed Certificates (see .pdf sample).