Faculty Advising


This page is intended to make the process of advising efficient and effective. It’s a central location for many of the tools and resources you may utilize while advising students. If you have advising questions for you or one of your advisees, please email advising@shoreline.edu.

Academic advising is a learning process supported by a relationship of mutual respect and collaboration between advisor and advisee.

Theory of Advising

A set of guided principles to support quality academic advising at Shoreline Community College:

Advising Tools

Internal links to access student and advisor information to support student goals:

Advising Resources

National and state-wide information guiding current advising initiatives and student affairs:

Career Resources

National, regional, and independent search engines providing current labor market information and career/major exploration tools:

Advising Events

Live and interactive link to advising events, transfer fairs, and college rep visits:

Transferring to a 4-Year School

Tools to help plan and guide students' transfer goals: