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Surplus Process

Shoreline staff and faculty need to complete items 1 and 2 of the following process to have their items surplussed to the State:

  1. Print out a State Surplus Request for Pick-Up form.
  2. Send completed form to Sherri Walley (Facilities Department/Room 5105).  Please include as much detail as possible when describing each item, including model name, model number, etc.
  3. Sherri Walley (with Bob Roehl as back-up) will enter the data into the State Surplus online system.
  4. When the data has been entered, Sherri or Bob will email Stuart Trippel to inform him a surplus request requires his review.
  5. Stuart Trippel will review the request, make any corrections necessary, and submit the surplus request.  He will then email Sherri and Bob to tell them the surplus request is in the system.
  6. In about 2 weeks, State Surplus will call to let us know they will be at the College to pick up the items.
  7. State Surplus will arrive with a truck and Facilities personnel will help them load it.