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Curriculum Committee Operating Procedures  

All meetings are held in the Boardroom (1010M) from 2:30 - 4:00 on the following Thursdays:


2017-2018 Meeting Dates


Fall                                   Winter                                  Spring

Oct 5 (Orientation)         Jan 18                                       Apr 5****

Oct 19                           Feb 1                                        Apr 19

Nov 2                            Feb   15                                    May 3

Nov 16*                        Mar 1**                                    May 17*****

Nov 30 (Non-MCO)         Mar  15***                               May 31 (Non-MCO)

Dec 7                                                                            June 7




*          Nov 16             Must have 2nd reading to get in Spring Schedule

**        Mar 1               Must have 2nd reading to get in Summer schedule

***      Mar 15             Must have 2nd reading to get in Fall schedule

****    Apr 5                Program changes must have 2nd reading to get in next catalog

*****  May 17             Must have 2nd reading to get in Winter schedule


Deadline for:

Signed paperwork must be in Office of Instruction by noon on:

Must have 1st Reading by:

Must have 2nd Reading by:

Spring Schedule




Summer Schedule




Fall Schedule








Winter Schedule 





Curriculum changes (new or revised MCOs; planning guides, etc.)  must be received in the Office of Instruction by Noon the Thursday before the next scheduled meeting to get on that agenda.    If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Office of Student Learning & Success at ext. 4652.


NOTE:  See "Course/Program Changes" button on left side of screen for list of curricular changes.


Core Course Advisors:

Multicultural Understanding     Communications            Quantitative Reasoning

Rachel David                             DuValle Daniel               Shana Calaway

Ernest Johnson                         Brooke Zimmers             Paul Herrick

Brooke Zimmers                                                            David Phippen                                         




Committee Members: (2017-2018)

  Non-Voting, Ex Officio Members:

Alison Stevens



Don Christensen (Co-Chair), Social Sciences

Gail Dalton, HOPEB

Ann Garnsey-Harter (Co-Chair), Administration

Jessica Gibson, Humanities

Leoned Gines, SEMM

Jeff Junkinsmith, Humanities

Amy Kinsel, Administration

Michelle Kleisath, Social Sciences

Tiffany Meier, Advising

Dave Phippen, SEMM

Leslie Potter-Henderson, Library

Lori Stephens, HOPEB




Flora Yang

Aung Thiha Kyaw



Jenifer Aydelotte