Managing Change

The following resources are available to help you manage the change associated with ctcLink but can help us with the many other changes and challenges we face across our campus.

What is Organizational Change Management (OCM) at Shoreline?

In November, 2019 we asked employees to define what change management means to our campus community and to us as individual members of the Shoreline team. This is what they said:

[OCM] Is ​a process where we (both leadership and the community) support each other through change by committing to clear communication, training, getting buy-in and managing expectations. We acknowledge that transitions are personal, people react differently to change, and that everyone will manage change on their own timeline. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for us to experience this transition.

This is not just our definition, but our commitment to you. Our ctcLink Project Team is dedicated to creating a smooth implementation of ctcLink from both the software and the people side of this transition. We welcome your questions and concerns, and can be reached by emailing


5-Minute Book Club

Let’s take some time to discuss change and talk about how change affects you in our workplace. Readings are often brief (5-10 minute) articles for you to think about, but not worry about because they are so short. As usual, topics are not limited to ctcLink.

Email to sign up for upcoming meetings facilitated by Organizational Change & Project Manager, Joe Chiappa.

Prior Articles and Readings