Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes! Staff will have access to the screens they need to do their jobs, whether this involves view or edit access. We are beginning during the business process mapping sessions to learn who needs what access and will work together with you and your supervisors to set up and test access in preparation for go-live. This will be a work in progress and we will need your feedback. Staff, Pillar Leads, TSS, SBCTC Project Team members and members of our ctcLink Project Team will work together to help build standard, consistent security roles that meet state guidelines. This is going to be a big topic for all colleges over the course of the project.

Students will be able to access information in ctcLink on both computers and mobile devices. The majority of student information will live in the Student Center.

ctcLink will be able to generate Degree Audits, called Academic Advisement Reports, that will help students see their degree requirements and better understand their degree plan. Placement test information will be stored in ctcLink as well.

ctcLink will be set up as one database providing a single source of accurate, real-time data and common reporting tools across all schools. This will allow us to streamline processes. We will learn more about managing students who are enrolled in multiple schools at the same time as we begin testing the system.

Reports & Reporting

Yes and No.

Yes: A new report server will be launched shortly after GoLive, with a limited set of reports in a new folder structure.

No: The current report server, with all existing folders and reports, will continue to be available (indefinitely) after GoLive, but will be a frozen snapshot of data from February 28.

Stay tuned for an announcement and an update to the Reports and Reporting page.

Many of you participated in our survey last fall (thank you!) about your reporting needs. There were over 300 responses and the majority of the reports needed are already provided in PeopleSoft. The reporting team has developed a list of prioritized custom reports to build, with a focus on having enrollment reporting up and running soon after GoLive.

Many of the frequently-used reports from both the report server and DataExpress are similar to existing reports in PS Query. The reporting team is building a guide to point you in the right direction for various commonly-used reports and we will be available after GoLive to help you find what you need.

Many of the reports based on Formstack (those that include “FSD” in the title) will be available on the new report server when it launches. Some of the Formstack-based reports are more complex and involve data from PeopleSoft may take more time (1 – 4 weeks) to transition to ctcLink. The reporting team is working with TSS staff to prioritize development of these reports and ensure that any delay in converting these reports has minimal impact on students and enrollment.

Similar to the report server, these dashboards will continue to exist as a snapshot of data from February 28. The conversion of these dashboards will be a major project for the reporting team and will continue through spring and summer quarters. If you urgently need an updated version of a Tableau dashboard, please submit a report request.

If you are looking for a report for an operational need (i.e., “I need this list to get my job done right now.”), submit a ticket through Shoreline’s Support Center and it will be routed to the reporting team. If you need data to report to an outside agency, as part of an ongoing project, or for a grant, please continue to use Shoreline’s report request form.

Members of the reporting team will be available during ctcLink office hours following GoLive and will hold standing office hours weekly for the remainder of Spring Quarter. You can also get in touch with us directly via Teams or email.