About ctcLink

What is ctcLink?

ctcLink is an online data management system for students, staff, and faculty that is replacing our decades-old legacy software systems. Shoreline’s transition to ctcLink is part of a major statewide project to upgrade the information systems at all 34 of Washington’s community and technical colleges. ctcLink will integrate college platforms across the state, providing online access to college information and systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This transition affects all aspects of college operations, including online systems that manage student enrollment and financial aid, employee information and payroll, college budgets and finances, and instruction.

View Shoreline Community College's official ctcLink Project Charter

What will not be affected by ctcLink:

  • Canvas: Canvas is the online learning management system used by Washington colleges to deliver digital course content. Shoreline will continue to use Canvas with ctcLink, and Canvas course shells will be created automatically for class sections scheduled in ctcLink.
  • Library Catalog: Shoreline’s Ray Howard Library uses the Alma/Primo library management system for its online catalog.
  • 25Live: 25Live is the system Shoreline uses for classroom and event scheduling. 25Live will be integrated into the ctcLink system and be updated in real time by ctcLink. This integration will improve our class scheduling process and help us understand how to use our spaces most efficiently.

What's New in ctcLink: 

  • A new universal ctcLink ID that will replace the current SID. Students and employees will have one ctcLink ID to access all Washington community and technical colleges.
  • New online class schedules that are integrated with ctcLink tools and the online course catalog.
  • New online tools for students, staff, and faculty that replace legacy systems and will be available 24/7.

What else can ctcLink do? 

Here are a few examples of tasks that will move from our current legacy systems to ctcLink:


  • Apply for admission
  • Apply for and accept financial aid awards
  • Register for classes
  • View academic records across all 34 colleges


  • Manage employee information
  • View earnings and leave
  • Submit time and leave reports
  • Submit purchase requisitions and invoices


  • View teaching schedules
  • View and print class rosters and waitlists
  • Communicate with students
  • Submit grades

Learn about ctcLink

Introducing ctcLink

Modern, convenient, and accessible 24/7, ctcLink will provide online tools for students to easily do their college business anytime and from anywhere.

Spring 2021 Update

See where we are in the implementation timeline and learn about the many benefits for employees that ctcLink will provide!