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Prior Announcements

  • (March 18, 2008)
    2008-09 Budget Development
    It is time for budget development for the 2008-09 fiscal years.  The budget development system is available again at the following link

  • Please review the time line for planning deadlines (2008-09 Budget Planning Calendar), instructions/criteria for budget development Instruction-Criteria for Budget Planning 2008-09) and the strategic plan (2007 Strategic Plan.pdf).  If you have any questions or need additional information please contact the budget office at 6955 or 4696.

  • (Nov 5, 2007) Message form the Budget Committee
    2006-2007 New Hires
    The Budget Committee thought that it is important to communicate the status of those hired before the new hiring criteria were set in place.  Please follow this link 2006-07 hires for more information.

If you would like more specific information than what is found in the link above, please feel free to contact Bob Francis, Committee Chair, or any of the other members of the Budget Committee. Please be aware that, as has been our practice over the past few years, we are willing to address positions by title, but not by an individual's name.

    (Feb. 13, 2007)

    On February 7 the Budget Committee (BC) met with the President’s Leadership Team (PLT).  This meeting was called at the request of the BC in order to allow the PLT to justify their recommendations regarding budget reductions in greater detail now that the issue of confidentiality has been reduced. A memo from the Budget Committee to campus regarding our meeting can be downloaded. >Memo   >
    2007-08 Budget Criteria

    Message from the Budget Committee

    In April of this year the President's Leadership Team (PLT) asked for input from the Budget Committee regarding lifting the hiring freeze imposed earlier this school year.  After discussions regarding the financial implications, needs of the college, and the logistics of hiring permanent replacements, the Budget Committee recommended that the hiring freeze only be lifted on pre-existing positions.  Some of those positions had been filled on a temporary and/or interim basis while others had been left vacant.  It has come to the Budget Committee's attention that while the PLT accepted this recommendation and began the process, this was never communicated to the college community.  We are now remedying this oversight. 

    In order to avoid any more miscommunication, the campus community should also be aware that the Budget Committee has been asked by the PLT to discuss the pros and cons regarding lifting the freeze further by creating a new safety and security position. Please feel free to contact Bob Francis, , or any of the other members of the Budget Committee

    (Mar. 8)  Message from the President
    In the next few weeks, the Budget Committee will introduce to the campus a process by which our 2006-07 budget will be developed.  The Committee has thoughtfully  designed this process to engage the campus in transparent and informed decision-making and  to provide open and honest communications.  I would like to thank the Committee members for their work.  This is a “groundbreaking” exercise in that it is the first time that the campus has been engaged in developing a budget from the “ground up.”  >more

    (Feb. 17) Budget Development Timeline

    At the all-campus meeting, Stuart Trippel, co-Chair of the Budget Committee, presented an overview of the process and timeline for the upcoming 2006-07 budget exercise. A budget will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval in June.  Information will be shared with the campus as the budget exercise unfolds during the upcoming months via all-campus meetings, brown bag lunches, and of course, Day At A Glance.  You can download a copy of the timeline by clicking now or going to the Budget Committee website.

    (Dec. 12) Budget Survey
    The purpose of the survey is to gather feedback from the campus community on this fall’s process for deciding on budget reductions of approximately $500,000. The Budget Committee and President’s Leadership Team will use this evaluation to improve processes in the future.  >take survey

    (Nov. 18) Message from the President
    Many thanks to the Program Review & Budget Committee that has been tasked with overseeing the development of a short-term budget review exercise.  The goal of this effort is to identify budget reductions, revenue enhancements, or some combination of the two that will total $500,000. This will allow the College to produce a revised balanced budget for the current year given the state of our fall enrollments.  >more

    (Nov. 18) Message from the VP of Human Resources
    When faced with budgetary shortfalls, as an institution, the College needs to be creative as we think about reducing expenditures. One way would be to voluntarily reduce your employment term
    . >more

    (Nov. 15) 
    Message from the Budget Committee
    On October 31st, the Program Review and Budget Committee distributed a letter to the deans and directors of the College asking for the campus to engage in a budget planning exercise.  The process, with specific timelines and expected outcomes, was delineated, and culminates with reports being submitted to area vice presidents, the president, and the Budget Committee in late November.  >more

    (Oct. 31)  A Letter to the Deans and Directors
    A letter requesting information from the deans of the academic divisions and the directors of the non-academic areas has been sent.  This letter sets up a process for reviewing programs against criteria that have been established by the Strategic Plan and the Budget Committee.  Download letter

    As of October 24, 2005
    , the College’s enrollment numbers stood at 175 quarterly FTE’s less than this same time last year.  At this time, we anticipate that we will continue to see a drop in enrollment  from last year for the next two quarters a drop in enrollment from last year.  This decrease translates to approximately a $500,000 additional tuition shortfall than was projected and shared with the campus in September.  A Budget Committee has been established to guide the President’s Leadership Team in making decisions regarding additional budget reductions.  At the Board meeting on October 26, EVP Bev Brandt  outlined the process that the Budget Committee will undertake to review the alternatives for additional budget reductions.  Enrollment Presentation (pdf). Budget Committee Presentation (pdf).  Budget Reduction Project Short Term 2005 (pdf).

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