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Budget Committee—Through March 2010

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Long Term Budget Process


 The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) has developed a framework linking the college mission / strategic directions with program review and budget processes:

Text Box: College Mission and
Strategic Directions



  Text Box: Accountability:
Program Review Process
Text Box: Budget Development and Management Process



 SPC developed this model based on two important principles:

  1. Budget development and management should be tied directly to the college’s mission and goals.
  2. The accountability process (program review) should be continuous, transparent and college-wide, and it should inform budget decisions.

The Framework of SPC bases program evaluation on strategic directions and provides information to inform budget decisions.

  While the framework requires further development and campus input, its status as a collaborative SPC product and its attention to the linkages described above support its use to address short-term budget decisions.

 Budget Development Process and 2006 Timeline 

January 2006

  • The EVPAS and the Budget Office will develop an estimate of available funding for the 2006-2007 year.
  • The estimated available funding information will be shared with the President’s Leadership Team (PLT), Program Review Process and Budget Committee (BC) and the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC). (January 16,2006)
  • The BC will meet a minimum of twice a month to analyze the Program Reviews.


Add all-campus mtg to inform all about budget situation?

Include development of process & criteria for analysis of PRs?


  • The Budget Office will provide the PLT with Budget Planning Sheet.  These sheets will show the current budget, will have a space for new requests and will have a justification column where the requestors will need to tie those requests to the Strategic Plan focus areas for the year.  (February 1, 2006)
  • The PLT will disseminate the Planning Sheets to their Deans and/or Directors.
  • The Deans and/or Directors will have until Spring Break to meet with their staffs and faculty to decide their needs.
  • The BC will continue analyzing the Program Reviews.
  • The BC will meet with the SPC and the PLT to share findings from the program reviews.
  • An all campus meeting will be held to discuss process and progress


Could this also include where cuts would be made should they be necessary?


  • The Deans and/or Directors will work with their Vice President to prioritize the needs for the area. 
  • The VPs will share their priorities with the PLT that will prioritize the requests as a whole.  (March 13, 2006)
  • All the prioritized requests (and the non-prioritized requests) will go to the BC who will review and make recommendations for acceptance or ask the PLT to reconsider the priorities.  (March 29)





Add prioritized reductions?


  • The PLT will finalize the requests or reductions.  (April 10)
  • The BC will share the recommendation with the SPC that will review the final plan for consistency with the Strategic Plan and/or Focus areas.
  • Brown bags sessions will be held to solicit campus input.
  • The draft budget will be shared with the campus at an all campus meeting on April 28, 2006.



  • Input will be reviewed by the PLT and the BC.
  • A final brown bag session will occur on May 9, 2006.
  • The Budget will go to print on May 11, 2006.
  • The Board will approve the Budget on May 24, 2006.



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