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Budget Committee—Through March 2010

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Short Term 2005-2006 Budgeting Process

Projected Reduction


  • The Director of Budgeting and the EVPAS will determine the Fall Quarter projected revenue shortfall on Monday October 11, 2005.
  • This number will be shared with the PLT which will have to determine whether to plan a reduction for the balance of the year based on fall quarter or whether to make reductions one quarter at a time. (October 11)
  • The PLT will then look at “obvious” places to make reductions, i.e. exempt staffing, increasing the instruction percentage cut, etc.  ( early October)
  • Vice President’s will be given a number or a potential cut area to take back to their Deans and/or Directors to discuss.  (by October 24)
  • The Deans and/or Directors should solicit input from their staffs.  That input will be shared with the other Deans and/or Directors in their VP unit and they will prioritize their reductions.  ( By November 14)
  • The VP’s will bring those reductions to PLT where they will be considered and reprioritized before they are taken to the Budget Committee for input.  (November 14)
  • The Budget Committee will review the PLT recommendations, communicate with their peers and bring back comments and suggestions.  (by December 2)
  • The Budget Committee will submit a plan based on the peer input and PLT recommendations to the PLT.  (December 7)
  • The PLT will make a decision on the final cut. (December 12)
  • A campus wide meeting will be held December 9, 2005 to announce the results and plan.
  • The results of the process will be shared with the campus.

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