Print Services

Visit our Online Order Site for operating hours and additional information.

Print Management Procedures

Administration, Staff, and Faculty

Please Note: Before you print, you will need your budget number for billing. 

Print via the Online Order Site

  1. Go to our online order site
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Upload your (print ready) documents
  4. Pick the appropriate tasks for your order
  5. Enter your budget number
  6. Pick your delivery or pick-up options
  7. Approve your request for printing

Once approved your order is automatically sent to Print services for printing. Some larger dollar orders do require extra approvals.

Print via a Print Shop Job Ticket (used for special requests)

  1. Fill out a hard copy 4-part NCR print request, available from Print Services, to place your order
  2. Remember to add your budget number
  3. Bring, or send by campus mail, to print services

Please Note: Every effort will be made to finish jobs in a timely manner; however, at times priorities must be set, and when this happens, the following priorities shall be observed:

- Classroom materials (exams, tests, have 1st priority)
- Forms, brochures, flyers, & other marketing materials
- Booklets, letterhead, business cards (requires extra approvals), envelopes, etc.


Student pay to print copiers, and printers, located in the Library (Building 4000):

  1. Add money to your student ID card, on a Value-Add Machine
  2. Print from the computer as you would normally
  3. When the computer prompts you for a username, type a name that will help you remember what you printed
  4. Swipe your ID card through the black ID card reader next to print station
  5. The print station will then prompt you for your student PIN. The PIN is typically your date of birth, MMDDYY
  6. The print station will then display a list of all the print jobs that are ready to print. Click to highlight your job(s) and hit the print button

Students are also able to print directly from their laptop with a wireless connection, also by using the money they add to their student ID account (Value-Add system).

Employee Printing Practices

All employees are encouraged to utilize the following features, or practices, to reduce paper and ink consumption:

  • Using “Shrink to Fit” or “Shrink One Page” for print jobs
  • Printing multiple slides or pages from a presentation or document on each page
  • Reviewing jobs in print preview, and printing only the necessary pages
  • Removing unneeded content from print jobs
  • Removing unnecessary backgrounds, shading and graphics from print jobs
  • Printing in color only when necessary

Shoreline Print Management Standards

  • Promoting sustainable printing practices
  • Print services, and all fleet printers, are set to default to double sided printing, black, and white
  • Follow RCW 43.19A.022, recycled content paper for printers, and copiers, purchasing priority
  • The use of print services, or fleet printers, has dramatically reduced the amount of desk top printers on campus
  • Financial services bill monthly printing related budget transaction, to Departments and or Divisions, to help with tracking real-time printing costs
  • All print services print jobs, and fleet printers require the use of budget numbers, or codes for monthly budget billing, and tracking
  • All students may use the pay to print options, located in the Shoreline Community College Library

To learn more about Shoreline's printing services and see print management references, please view the Shoreline Print Management Policy.