Paper Ordering

Orders for paper should be directed to the Bookstore.  Following is the procedure:

  1. All orders must be on a Purchase Requisition
  2. Cases of white paper being ordered for a copy machine should indicate which copy machine the paper is for. The cost of the paper is included in the copier click charges, therefore you do NOT need to include a budget number for paper used in the copy machine.
  3. Orders for all colored paper, various envelopes and SCC letterhead,  need to include the budget number to be charged.
  4. Once the requisition is received the paper, etc., will be delivered to the person indicated on the purchase requisition.
  • Products include:
    • colored paper
    • white paper (case of 10 reams)
    • SCC Letterhead
    • SCC Envelopes (box of 500)
    • #10 white return address envelopes (box of 500)
    • #10 white window return address envelopes (box of 500)
    • #9 Business Reply envelopes (box of 500)
    • SCC 6x9" envelopes

If you have any questions, please contact Ed Phipps at x6988 or