Academic Calendar Committee

Committee Name: Academic Calendar Committee

Purpose: The College and the faculty Federation work together to develop academic calendar(s). The President or his/her designee convenes a committee to develop and propose calendar(s) for three (3) consecutive academic years which adhere to the parameters set forth by the JUMC. A majority of the members of this committee are academic employees selected by the Federation President. The committee discusses issues related to academic calendar development and prepares calendar(s) for review by the JUMC and the College President. The academic calendar(s) are presented by the College President to the Board of Trustees, which takes final action.

Advisory to: College President and JUMC

Committee Required by Contract: Faculty, Article VII, Sec. B

Meeting Frequency: As designated

Communication of Agenda and Minutes: Via e-mail to all committee members

Length of Time Committee Will Exist: On-going


Length of terms: TBA