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June 5, 2001

Present:  Ken Burrus, Linda Barnes, Paulette Fleming, Joanne Warner and Arlene Strong (notetaker)

Minutes:  March 13, 2001 were approved with the deletion of Alex Keller and Nancy Matesky from the entry on making the CD for the fair.  Paulette will reorganize the minutes into a more topical format for clarity.

May 1, 2001 were approved as written.

Old Business: 

Membership:  We welcomed Linda Barnes as a potential new member for next year.  Her membership adds the connection with the nursing program which will be very helpful.  Arlene indicated that Alison Leahy is very interested in starting on the committee next fall. 

2001 Annual Report:  The committee reviewed the rough draft of the annual report.  It was suggested that the goals show that the Wellness Brochure is with the PIO office and the Wellness Fair Poster is with the VCT students.  We also added the “Wellness Connection” for summer activities.

 Wellness Fair:

Debriefing:  What went well:  the floor plan with the vendors on the perimeter and students in the center for study or eating, the greeting table at the front entrance, having classes assigned to find information at the fair, the outstanding and exceptionally generous donation of seasonal fruits by Central Market, allowing vendors to pick their own table/site, the water bottles and stress grip handouts, the archery team demonstration, and the door prizes.

Suggestions for next year:  begin contacting vendors in the fall, offer opportunities for sound bytes during the event, creation a compiled video of vendor education (if they wish to provide tapes), have the parent-child center perform a song or something around wellness (i.e., Tickle Tune Typhoon), have a banner over doorway or on table to say what event is happening, make sure we have someone doing things like a blood pressure check or massage, look into a vendor to provide bags for people to use for the information items that they collect, and publicize vendor list so classes will know what will be available.

Wellness Classes:

Arlene brought up the item of fitness classes/activities with release time for faculty and staff that was in one of our goals last year.  This item had been tabled due to a smaller committee and lack of time to organize it.  We discussed the use of the weight room facility.  Ken indicated the best times are prior to 8:30 a.m. and after 4:15 p.m. which is the prime time we are interested in using the facility.  We talked about it being a credit class to help FTE’s but it would then have to be open to students as well as faculty and staff.  There is the potential that we could offer the class through Continuing Education.  Paulette is going to look into some of the options as well as whether a person who teaches for the college can teach a continuing education class without impacting their other load.  The committee felt that this would be hard to get organized for Fall Quarter but maybe by Winter Quarter we could try a class to see if it flies.  With New Year’s resolutions in January, it is a good time to try this type of fitness opportunity.

Meeting Schedule for 2001-02:  We reviewed the proposed schedule and felt it worked fine.  There is always the option of adjusting it if dates need to be changed.


Linda asked if there was a possibility of having informational materials such as adult immunization cards included with the payroll checks.  It would be possible for the Wellness Committee to count and band the materials to go out to the distribution areas to be handed out with the paychecks.

Arlene asked the committee if they thought the effort to connect people across campus with similar activity interests would be of interest.  The committee thought it was worth trying.  Arlene will write an article for NetNews and agreed to compile the information for interested parties.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Agenda Item:

List Review – October meeting Release Time for Wellness Activities

May 1, 2001

Members Present:  Ken Burrus, Paulette Fleming, Marty Olsen, Arlene Strong and Joanne Warner Members Absent:  Michelle Cruver, Lazette Hall, Carol Jacobs, David Starr, Hermien Watkins Notetaker:  Arlene Strong

1.                   Minutes Review: ·          March 13, 2001 – minutes still not available for review. ·          April 10, 2001 – approved as written.

2.                   Old Business:

·          Membership – Paulette reported that she had sent an email to eight or more faculty to invite them to join the committee as part of their tenure process’s requirement for committee/campus involvement.  She received no responses to her email.  She did have a conversation with Linda Barnes, Nursing faculty, who expressed interest and she asked Linda to contact the federation president for appointment to the committee.

·          Annual Report 2001 –Paulette asked that committee members give her comments or suggestions by May 25.  All committee members should have a copy of last year’s report as an example.

 3.                   Wellness Fair the “2001 Wellness Odyssey”:

·          Vendors:  Arlene reported that there are 23 vendors, one needing an extra table.  Arlene has table signs already made for the vendor tables. 

·          Set Up & Clean Up:  Discussion about how to setup the tables was held.  Joanne will do the work order to plant operations to ask their assistance on May 9 at 7:30 a.m. to help arrange the vendor tables around the perimeter of the room.  All committee members who are available to assist that morning are asked to be there to help.  The work order should include the take down of the room as well.  Human Resources has purchased a cart that will be available to help vendors if they have items that need to be carted into the room.  Joanne will ask that the games machines be turned off and she will ask Marcie Reidinger for the black sheets to cover them as was done last year.  The sign-in table will be at the front west entrance at the top of the stairs.  Only one side door will be open to allow students who will be eating their lunch during the fair to have access to the tables in the middle of the room.   Paulette indicated that she has some balloons that we can use as part of the decorations.

·          Music:  Joanne reported that she has the music and boombox for the event.  She will check with Scott or Michelle about the sound system and the microphone.

·          Demonstrations:  The Archery Club will do a demonstration from 11:30 – 12:00 noon on the stage.

·          Give away items:  Jim Huffman from Central Market is providing seasonal fruit as a giveaway.  The sports water bottles were shipped on the 25th and should arrive in time.  There are about 75 grips left over from last year that can also be used.  There are five door prizes that will be drawn each half hour beginning at 11:00 a.m.  Announcements will be made that to be eligible for the door prize drawing people need to sign in at the entrance and be present to win.  The committee will divide the assignments that morning to make sure the sign-in table and the microphone are covered at the needed times.

·          Publicity:  Arlene will work with Donna on a NetNews article.  Joanne will write the publicity information for the NetNews and the listservs.  Marty will put an article on the faculty list serve and we will ask Caryl to put the same article on the classified staff list serve.  Arlene will check into having four of the posters laminated to put on sandwich boards outside.

4.         Draft of SCC Drug and Alcohol Prevention Brochure – Marty shared the draft of the brochure             that has been developed.  It was suggested that the Wellness Committee be listed on it as well as             perhaps using the Wellness Committee logo.  Marty indicated that there will also be a safety             brochure created through Security as part of the student’s right to know.  There will be some of the             drug and alcohol prevention brochures available at the fair and the printed version through the PIO             office will be distributed to new students at the time of registration, perhaps as a handout to be             given by the cashiers with the tuition receipt.   Marty also indicated that there is an AA group on             campus.  It was suggested that this information could be put in NetNews as well as in the brochure.


April 10, 2001

Members Present:  Ken Burrus, Michelle Cruver, Paulette Fleming, Arlene Strong, Joanne                              Warner

Members Absent:    Lazette Hall, Carol Jacobs, David Starr, Hermien Watkins

Notetaker:               Michelle Cruver

1.  Minutes review:  The minutes for March 13 were not available for review.

2.  Membership:  Arlene Strong announced that Alison Leahy has indicated interest in joining the Wellness Committee.  Michelle Cruver volunteered to check-in with the student member regarding her lack of participation.  The committee agreed that they must continue to look for new members.

3.  2001 Wellness Report:  Paulette Fleming requested additions/amendments to the final report using last year’s report as a template.  The Great American Smoke-out, Matt Loper's Opening Week Nature Walk and the Continuing Wellness Tip in Net News were all added to the list of achievements.  For improvements, the committee lists connecting with Student Programs for the Blood Drive, Blood Pressure and Dental Hygiene checks at the Wellness Fair and ways to create committee building as the top priorities.

4.  Wellness Fair:

       ·         Poster - Arlene is having difficulty contacting the graphic arts student for the poster.

·         Vendors - Sixteen vendors have confirmed, two of the sixteen requested two tables.

Nutrition, Dietech and Intramural Clubs are the three community college groups participating.  Arlene will send out confirmations with a map, parking passes and an encouraging note to set-up early.

·         Music - Arrangements have been made for music in the hallway during the fair.

·         Aerobic/other demonstrations - At this point, no aerobic demonstrations have been confirmed, the Tai Chi performance is cancelled, there is a possibility that Archery can make a presentation.

·         Giveaway items - As of now there are 5 giveaway items; 5 drawings will be made on the half hour starting at 11:00.  Ruth Clark secured a donation from Central Market.

·         Other - Paulette will purchase the balloons; Michelle offered the tablecloths from November's Culture Day.

 5.  Draft of SCC Drug and Alcohol Prevention Brochure:  The committee will be receiving an      update from Marty Olsen and Matt Orlando in the near future.


March 13, 2001

Members Present:     Ken Burrus, Paulette Fleming, Caryl Jacobs, Arlene Strong,                                    Joanne Wa

Members Absent:      Lazette Hall, Hermien Watkins

Minutes Review:        The minutes of the February 13, 2001 meeting were reviewed and                                approved as written.

Old Business:

Membership and participation:  The committee discussed the light level of faculty participation on the this committee.  They discussed approaching some specific faculty about their interest in this committee’s work. Emotional Preparedness for Retirement Workshop-held on February 23, 2001 was very successful.  Twelve participants engaged in a lively discussion.  The materials were good, the quotes and exercises all reported to be excellent.  A favorite was the possible scripts one can use for what you would like to have said about you at your own retirement party.  The participants this year had a split gender mix, different from last year. Wellness Poster:  The sample posters were reviewed by the committee and a favorite selected.  The committee was impressed by all of the posters produced by the students.  When asked, Elizabeth Halfacre indicated that she thought the students whose works were not selected would be agreeable to having their design displayed in the PUB near the WELLNESS FAIR event. Wellness Fair: 

Arlene has mailed out invitations asking vendors to “save the date” for the Wellness Fair.  The question was asked:  Should we invite “for profit” vendors to the fair or limit it to “non-profits”?  If invited, on what basis?  Who gets invited?  Who doesn’t?  The Committee will grapple with this question during the next year. Mike Matesky has burned a CD with music for the Fair. Give-aways for the Fair include:  Water bottles, stress grips, fresh fruit from Central Market, donations from the Athletic Department, Cosmetology, the Book Store, and Dental Hygiene.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm.


February 13, 2001

Members Present:  Ken Burrus, Paulette Fleming, Arlene Strong, Joanne Warner

Members Absent:   Michelle Cruver, Lazette Hall, Carol Jacobs, David Starr, Hermien Watkins

Notetaker:  Joanne Warner

As an insufficient number of members were present to constitute a quorum, no official business was conducted.  A meeting was held to discuss non-action items.

1.  Minutes Review:  The minutes of the January 9, 2001 meeting were reviewed with two corrections noted.  Arlene Strong will visit the Graphics class on February 23rd.  The correct spelling of Employee Advisory Service (EAS) Counselor who is facilitating the “Emotional Preparation for Retirement” workshop on February 21 is Sara Maxwell.  The January 9, 2001 minutes will be posted to the College’s web site as DRAFT until officially approved at the next Wellness Committee meeting.

2.   Membership:  Paulette announced that Lazette Hall, a Shoreline Community College student, was appointed to the Wellness Committee on February 7, 2001.  The Committee will continue to follow up with Marty to promote the Wellness Committee’s purpose/activities to the Federation Executive Council and request their assistance in soliciting names of faculty to join.

3.      Winter Activities:

The Emotional Preparation for Retirement Workshop is set for Wednesday, February 21, 2:00-3:30 p.m. in the 1000 Building Board Room.  Joanne has worked with Elizabeth Robichaud to prepare a half-sheet announcement for campus-wide distribution.  She will request permission from the classified, faculty, and operations committee listservs to send an e-mail message about the workshop.     Arlene will coordinate with Donna Myers to announce the workshop under Upcoming Campus Events in Net News.  Committee members took flyers to post in public areas of FOSS, Gym, SUB and Division offices.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Workshop – Paulette will ask Marty to provide specific information to Committee members before our next meeting about the full-day workshop on March 2, so that anyone interested in attending can get it on their calendars.

4.      Spring Wellness Fair:

a)   Space - Michelle has reserved the large dining room and hallways in the SUB for May 9.

b)    Poster – Arlene will attend the Graphics class on February 23 to ask students to design a poster highlighting this year’s theme, 2001 Wellness Odyssey.  Paulette suggested Michelle be invited to go with Arlene on February 23.  Arlene will order 50 posters of the same size as last year, which cost $180-200.

c)    Flyer/Invitation to Vendors – Arlene showed the Committee several draft versions of the invitation to vendors.  It was suggested that a memo be sent to vendors as soon as possible asking them to put the date on their calendars and confirm their attendance.  The formal flyer/invitation will then follow, including more details and a survey of vendor needs (equipment, etc.).

d)    Music – Joanne will contact Alex Keller in the Music/MIDI department to ask if their library has the soundtrack from 2001 Space Odyssey we could play as background during the hours of the Fair.

e)    Door Prizes – Paulette is receiving a good response to her requests for donations of prizes to award during the Fair.

f)     Demonstrations by Carol Dyksterhuis – Carol has written to Paulette and will keep it in mind; she doesn’t know her teaching schedule for Spring Quarter yet.  Paulette will stay in contact with Carol.  The committee discussed other wellness-related demonstration options if Carol has a schedule conflict.  Ken will look into some other options and get back to Paulette.

g)    Giveaway Items – Paulette will ask staff in the Human Resources Office to solicit healthy food (apples, etc.) items from an area grocery for the Fair.  She will also look through catalogs featuring handout items for different, inexpensive options than the grippers we’ve given out at the past two fairs.


January 9, 2001 Approved at the March 13, 2001 Wellness Committee meeting.

Members Present:   Michele Cruver, Paulette Fleming, Marty Olsen, Lynette Peters, Arlene Strong, Joanne Warner

Members Absent:    Ken Burrus, Jean Hernandez, Caryl Jacobs, Hermien Watkins

Notetaker:    Paulette Fleming

1.  Minutes Review:    The minutes of the November 14, 2000 and December 12, 2000     meetings were approved and will be posted to website.

2.  Membership: Lengthy discussion about participation of current members as well as need for expanded committee size.  Marty will go to Federation Executive Council and ask for assistance in soliciting names of faculty to join.  Committee thought it might be a good idea to get 1st year tenure track faculty interested as they have increasing responsibility to participate in committees as their ARC process continues.

3.  Standing Committees:  The committee discussed the handout “Expectations of Governance Committees” distributed on 1/3/01.  This committee wants to continue the active participation of the person to whom the committee is advisory, the VP of HR/ER.  Rather than elect a different chair annually, they believed that the continuity provided by having the VP chair the committee brought stability.

For notetaking purposes, the committee agreed that responsibility will be rotated each meeting with a schedule established for remainder of year.  If the designated notetaker cannot attend the meeting at which they are to take notes, it is that person’s responsibility to find a substitute prior to meeting date.

4.  Winter Activities:           

a)  Planning for Retirement on February 21st @ 2:00.  Sarah Maxwell, a counselor with Employee Advisory Services (EAS), will speak about emotional preparation for retirement.  Workshop is geared for folks planning to retire in next five years.

b)  On February 2nd, a meeting will occur surrounding drug and alcohol awareness.  Marty will attend and bring back information about a full day workshop, slated for March 2.  We may want to send a team representing different areas on campus to this workshop.  It is presented by the Department of Education.  Marty will circulate information to members.

5.  Wellness Fair:

a)  Space:  Following extensive discussion, it was decided that the PUB provides the greatest access for students to the information available through the Fair.  We will use the dining room and the west hall for display tables.  The center will be reserved for student dining.  The staff dining space will not be altered.  The committee will attempt to communicate more fully with vendors regarding their needs:  number of tables, size of their displays, electrical and AV needs, etc.

b)      This year’s fair theme will be:  2001 Wellness Odyssey.  Arlene will carry this to the Graphics class for their work on poster.

c)       Arlene’s visit slated for February 15th.  She will ask for poster with same limitations as last year.

d)      Other:  Items to follow-up on include:

 ·        Work Order for 5/9/01

·        Music from 2001 Space Odyssey

·        Door Prizes

·        Demonstrations by Carol Dyksterhuis

·        Flyer/Invitation to vendors…first draft to come to next meeting

6.  Other:                   

A)  Smoking Cessation:  Although participation in workshop was low, committee will continue to bring awareness of issue to campus community.

B)  Farewell to committee member, Lynette Peters.  Her last day at SCC will be 1/31/01.  She has been a great member of the committee and contributed much to its success.


December 12, 2000

Members Present:  Paulette Fleming, Lynette Peters, Arlene Strong, Joanne Warner

Absent:  Ken Burrus, Michele Cruver, Jean Hernandez, Caryl Jacobs, Marty Olsen, Hermien Watkins

Notetaker:   Paulette Fleming    

As an insufficient number of members were present to constitute a quorum, no official business was conducted.  A brief meeting was held to discuss non-action items.

1.      Participation:      Paulette will communicate with all members to determine their level of commitment to the committee and their intent to actively participate or not.

2.      Blood Drive:      The next student-sponsored blood drive on campus will be held on Monday, April 2, 2001 in the Student Union Building.  The committee will assist where possible with this activity.

3.      Spring Wellness Fair:

·        Space:  With the Spring Schedule established, we should be able to determine room availability at this time.  More discussion at the January meeting.

·        Theme:  A theme needs to be selected.  We will bring back suggestions from last year as a starting point for this discussion.

·        Poster:  Once a theme established, we will ask the Graphic Arts class       to work on poster as their public service project for Winter Quarter.



November 14, 2000 

1.    The minutes from the meeting on October 10, 2000 were approved with one correction from Arlene Strong.  The date for the Wellness Fair is May 9, not My 9, as originally listed in the minutes.

2.    Jennifer Swant has resigned from the committee.  We hope that she will be back next year.

3.    Joanne Warner will check with Paulette Fleming and Kathy Wentworth for the list of vendors, suggestions for changes and improvements, and other resource materials from past Wellness Fairs.

4.    Flu Shot Day has been scheduled for December 12th in the Student Union Building.  Lisa Smith from Student Programs will be putting up signs and setting up an area for the delivery of the shots.

       Joanne Warner, Lynette Peters, and Marty Olsen will be contacting NetNews, The Ebbtide, The Soundings and the classified and faculty list serves to post notices.

5.    Smoking Cessation

       Lynette Peters and Sharon Sneddon have put together an event for the All-American Smoke Out.  There will be information from the American Lung Association and The American Cancer Society and an in-person presentation entitled "The Joy of Smoking" by Jo Ann Tuttle, a person with a Laryngectomee. 

6.    Spring 2001 Wellness Fair, May 9, 2001 10:30 to  1:30

       Joanne Warner will check with Ken Burrus after the second week of winter quarter to determine the availability of rooms in Building 3000 (Gym) for the May 9th event. 

       Arlene Strong suggests that we consider the best use of the space and facilities available for us to use after we have heard from Ken.  Arlene Strong will contact Kathy Wentworth to get notes collected from past events.

7.    Annual Goals

       1.    Release time proposal for classified               employees

              Joanne Warner will check with Caryl Jacobs and Jennifer Swant to determine what progress they have made to accomplish this goal.

       2.     Students Right To Know and a Prevention                Resources Brochure

               Marty will collect brochures from area community colleges and the requirements from the Department of Education.  He'll bring them to the next meeting so the committee can begin a draft of a brochure to be sent to the Governance Steering Committee for their advice regarding who should have responsibility for the brochure.

       3.    Emergency Telephones on Campus

              Lynette Peters will check with David Modena to determine what still needs to be done to make the telephones operational.

        4.   Wellness Tips 

              Arlene Strong suggested that we consider asking for a more prominent position for our tips in the Net News and that we consider putting in some humorous attention getting statement to introduce future tips.

               Marty suggested "Straight Shots available in the                PUB" Student Union Building to introduce the                upcoming Flu Shot Program.

        5.   Blood Drives

              Lynette Peters will check with Student Services to ask about co-sponsoring future blood drives and the possibility of a blood drive in the spring.       

 Minutes submitted by Marty Olsen



May 16, 2000 Members attending: Ken Burrus, Elly Ellsworth, Paulette Fleming (chair), Lynette Peters, Arlene Strong, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

Minutes Minutes of the May 2, 2000 meeting were approved with two corrections: Page One, second paragraph from the bottom - correct spelling to PFLAG and on Page Two, second paragraph, change helium hank to helium tank.

Name Contest Names submitted at the Wellness Fair for the "Little Guy" were Dora, Elijah, Elmo, Energy, Flipper, Jump N' Jack Flash, Jumpin' Jackie, Magic, Quintessential Stress Buster, Right Life, Samri, Shiny, Sparky, Squiggy, Wellness Being and Wellness Spirit.

A list of the names had been forwarded to the committee prior to the meeting so the members could choose their top three favorites. Since tallied responses showed no overwhelming favorite, a lengthy discussion followed. It was decided to hold the prize until fall quarter and announce another contest then. Information would be available through Net News, Soundings and the Ebbtide with a winner being chosen by the end of the quarter.

Fair Debriefing A debriefing on the Wellness Fair included the following comments and suggestions:

Good Things: J The event received positive feedback from those who attended. They want the fair to continue and perhaps expand a little so other campus areas and vendors can be included.

The massage person worked with 22 people between 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. It would be nice to have additional massage people there next year plus representatives from Cosmetology, Dental Hygiene and other personal services areas on campus.

Toes were tapping with the Swing Club during their demonstration and then the Cardio-Funk group kept everyone motivated with a workout session. Many thanks to Carol Dyksterhuis and her students for once again providing us with inspiration.

Suggested Improvements: K The table space for vendors was adequate but they need more room for supplies. (Currently, you can see the boxes, etc.)

Can we provide bags for the give-a-way items and brochures? They could have the Shoreline CC logo on them or maybe one of the vendors could supply them.

Offer more brochures and information related to campus events, concerns or areas (addictions, sexually transmitted diseases, Counseling/Advising, Women's Programs, etc.)

Double booking occurred on the space since the proper paperwork had not been filled out. We shared the space with the musical group, Kickshaw. A checklist will be developed for next year with each step being listed and the status reported on at each meeting. Although, Kickshaw attracted several people but also made it more difficult for the vendors to have a one-on-one conversation with the student/staff member. Maybe the Music Department could provide something more soothing next year.

Have an alternate plan in case of emergency situations (like double booking of the room).

Next Year's Event The fair is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 8th next year. The committee agreed that we have outgrown the PUB area. A suggestion to use the Gym area next year met with approval and discussion was lively. Ken thought there would be no problem with the instructors over using the Gym for one day for the event. But he suggested going through President's Staff and ISC to make sure that it had administration approval. A tarp could cover the floor, sound equipment and tables could be moved in, etc. Instructors could incorporate the fair into their class plan.

Continuing Committee Members Paulette, via E-mail, had asked current committee members to notify Elly if they wished to continue service during the 2000-01 academic year. All responded positively with the exception of Kathy Wentworth, who would like to take a year off due to the Library remodel and Hermien Watkins, who is uncertain what her workload will be next year.

Annual Report A poll of committee members indicated that many would like to include at least one student on the committee. Currently, two members from each constituency plus one representative each from the Classified Staff Training/Development Committee and Faculty Professional Development Committee comprise the group. Paulette will ask Chuck Fields to recommend another faculty member and a student be added for the 2000-01 academic year.

Per a request from Paulette, Elly had e-mailed all committee members a draft of the annual Wellness Committee report. Two changes were made in the major activities area - May 2, 2000 was added under meeting dates and the Ice Cream Social held during fall quarter was added under #5 - Collaborative Partnerships. Goals for 2000-01 were discussed and prioritized:

# 1 became #3, #2 became #4, #3 became #1, #4 became #5 and #5 became #2.

Additional goals are updating prevention/wellness resource brochure per the Drug Free School & Campus Act and the continuation and expansion of campus collaborative partnerships for campus events. Stress Management, mental health information, campus fitness areas and the Women's Center website will also be included in the brochure.

Brochure Update As stated above, the committee will update the prevention/wellness resource brochure this year. Plans are to ask Elizabeth Halfacre's graphic design class to help with the final product during winter quarter. When it is completed, the committee will ask President's Staff to allow the brochure to be placed in new student orientation packets and new employee information packets.

Miscellaneous Shawn Miller in Enrollment Services would like to join the committee next year.

The Environmental Committee would like to work with us to present a smoking cessation informational event.

Next Meeting The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 11th from 3 - 4 p.m. in Room #1013 of the Administration Building.

Have a wonderful summer!

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


October 10, 2000

Members attending:  Ken Burrus, Elly Ellsworth, Paulette Fleming (chair), Lynette Peters,

Arlene Strong, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner

WELCOME: Paulette welcomed the returning members.  Shawn Miller in Enrollment Services and Jean Hernandez, HOPE Division chairperson, have expressed interest in being committee members. Official appointment of new members will be completed soon so all campus constituencies will have two representatives on the committee at the November 14th meeting.  

MINUTES: Minutes of the May 16th meeting were approved with some corrections.  Second page, under Next Year’s Event, the date was changed to Wednesday, May 9th; the next sentence was changed to read: The committee agreed to look at other locations for the Fair because of the relocation of the Library/Media staff due to the Library remodel.

WELLNESS FAIR:   Big feet, balloons, sandwich boards, door prizes (dart board for the Bookstore – left over)

You vs. instructors

Body fat content

How to attract them?

Booths along sidewalk from SUB to Gym

Music and Video – Cardiofunk and Swing Club

Step aerobics - class has 55 students -- has outgrown the gym. 

MEETING SCHEDULE: The dates for the remaining committee meeting during 2000-01 were approved as follows:  November 14th, December 12th, January 9th, February 13th, March 13th, April 10th, May 1st (preparation for Wellness Fair on My 9th) and June 5th.

FLU SHOT DAY: Lisa Smith from Student Programs contacted Paulette about a jointly sponsored event.  A tentatively date of Tuesday, December 12th was set.  The cost will be $10 and once again, Stevens Hospital will be providing the vaccine.  Arlene will do an article for Net News with the possible title of “Save Your Flu for Later” to indicate the upcoming event.

ANNUAL ACTIVITIES/GOALS: Paulette went over the goals the committee established for 2000-01.  In order, we will continue to:

1)      Study the possibility of release time for on-going wellness activities.  We will work on putting together a proposal for President’s Staff before the end of the year;

2)      Work with Student Services to develop Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 information and reporting requirements;

3)      Continue the wellness tip for weekly posting to the Intranet via Net News

It was suggested that subcommittees be formed to work on the goals listed above.  Jennifer said that she and Caryl Jacobs would work on a proposal for release time and present it to the committee at the November 14th meeting.

All agreed it that subcommittees are the best way to involve others in our goals. Paulette indicated that Ted Hasse had expressed an interest in working with others in Student Services and the committee to develop the goal #2.

Arlene wondered if we wanted to continue the weekly wellness tips as she has had trouble getting the information into Net News on a regular basis.  Also did we want to change the logo?  The committee agreed that we would like to continue to be a presence on campus and need to keep the logo the same since we have established a recognizable figure that denotes information from or events sponsored by the committee.

GENERAL DISCUSSION:   Paulette said that Jean Hernandez had called her to say that there will be a Tai Chi class offered winter quarter.  Jean would like the committee to support the class as a wellness event.  The instructor is willing to do a demonstration if we want to show that Tai Chi is not stressful on your bones or joints. We agreed that the demonstration was not necessary and agreed to support the class.

Discussion followed about working with the Environmental Committee regarding a smoking cessation workshop during winter quarter.  It was suggested it could be held in November on National Smoke-out Day with a speaker form the American Lung Association.  Lynette will look into the date and speaker availability.  Providence Hospital in Everett also provides lung capacity tests but the committee agreed that is difficult to get a group to all stop smoking at the same time. 

Joanne indicated that Sara Maxwell from Employee Advisory Services (EAS) would like to speak to SCC employees regarding their services including retirement planning.  Twenty-two people attended the last retirement presentation so it was suggested the next one be held in the Boardroom because it holds more people.

There will be an interactive workshop on domestic violence presented by Ebony Davis from New Beginnings and sponsored by the Women’s Center on Tuesday, October 24th.in the 2700 Building.  King County Sexual Assault Resources will provide information on sexual harassment and date rape.

Elly thanked the committee for all their hard work and said that she would miss working with them but she would enjoy having to drive only eight miles to work.  Paulette thanked Elly for her commitment to the committee and their projects.

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth Reviewed by Paulette Fleming


May 2, 2000

Members attending: Marcella Hatton for Ken Burrus, Elly Ellsworth, Paulette Fleming (chair), Marty Olsen, Lynette Peters, Arlene Strong, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

Minutes of the April 4, 2000 meeting were approved as written.

Wellness Fair Details

Paulette thanked Kathy Wentworth for a wonderful job of contacting and tracking the vendors for the fair. 22 have confirmed and others, unable to attend this year, have asked to be contacted next year.

Carol Dyksterhuis has confirmed that the Swing Club will perform from Noon to 12:30 p.m., followed by a demonstration from Cardio-Funk from 12:30 to 1 p.m. She has talked to Scott Saunders about the sound system and any music needs they have.

Matt Loper has agreed to do another Nature Walk from 11 to 11:45 a.m. Everyone should meet in front of the PUB by the flagpole. Paulette will add, "please bring appropriate raingear" to the flyer and Arlene will notify Net News of the walk.

Kathy reported that she would put Advising, the Rainbow Club and PFLAG next to each other since they will share staffing. She is meeting with Marty on Monday to finalize the floor plan. Home Grocers.com will replace the Nursing display. There will be tables with handouts displayed for some of the vendors who cannot provide representatives on Tuesday.

Joanne reported that Dave Modena, Director of Security, had confirmed that he would "rope off" 20 spots for vendor parking on the morning of the fair. Kathy asked that it is increased to 22 and Joanne agreed to contact him. Vendors will probably start arriving at 9 a.m. and if they are bringing more than one vehicle, Kathy has asked that they park in the Sears lot and take the shuttle to campus.

Discussion to confirm and/or finalize plans for the fair followed:

Paulette will pick the apples up this weekend. The handgrips are due to arrive today.

Poster boards with balloons attached will be put in front of the PUB and other strategic areas of the campus. Marcella will contact AA Rentals at 175th and Aurora and ask them to donate a helium tank for the balloons.

The Registration table will be at the top of the stairs in the foyer area. The video from last year's event will be playing on the table; the apples and grips will be distributed as people register.

The table for the naming of the Wellness figure, or the "little guy" as he is affectionately called, will be in the vendor area. The Bookstore has donated a very nice prize for the winner of the contest.

Donations for the door prizes have been obtained from the Bookstore, the Athletic Department and the Foundation.

Kathy, Ken, and Marty plus two Plant Ops people will be in the PUB at 7:30 to set the tables up. Marty, Arlene and Joanne plan to be at the event from start to finish.

Thanks to Arlene, who has made name tags for all the committee members. Lynette will provide an easel for the Nature Walk display. Also, she will talk to Scott Saunders so the video games can be disconnected during the fair.

People in charge of the drawings will be:

11 a.m.          Lynette

11:30             Arlene

Noon               Kathy

12:30 p.m.     Ken

1 p.m.             Jennifer

            (Joanne will be back-up if necessary)

Arlene asked committee members to take posters to several buildings on campus that haven't been "posted" yet.

**A special meeting was tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th at 3 p.m. to debrief on the fair and choose the winner in the "little guy" name contest. Committee members will notify Elly if they can attend.

Annual Report

Paulette asked everyone to access the Wellness Committee Website* so they could review the committee's history and 1998-99 annual report. Please bring a list of this year's accomplishments and goals for next year so she can complete the 1999-2000 annual report.

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


 April 4, 2000

Members attending: Ken Burrus, Elly Ellsworth, Paulette Fleming (chair), Marty Olsen, Arlene Strong, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth


Minutes of the March 7, 2000 meeting were approved with one correction noted: on page 2, second paragraph from the bottom - "marching time" was changed to "matching time".

Poster Update

The Wellness Fair poster is at the printers and it will be printed sometime next week in the same job run as the poster for multicultural week. The posters will be displayed ASAP on bulletin boards outside campus buildings, in office areas and the PUB. Sandwich boards will be used in various "high traffic" areas on the day of the event.

More Wellness Fair Preparations

Net News will highlight the event in their April 24th, May 1st and May 8th editions. Articles will also appear in the April 21st edition of the Ebbtide and the May 1st edition of the Soundings.

After registering, each person will receive a ticket for the door prizes, an apple and hand grip. Drawings for door prizes will be held every 1/2 hour.

Entry forms for naming the Wellness figure will also be available at the Registration table in the foyer. The "best" of the donated prizes will be awarded to the person submitting the winning name. Committee members are not eligible to win.

Dwight Edwards is editing last year’s tape of the Swing Club so it can be playing in the background at the Registration table. He will also be available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the day of the fair to tape the Swing Club’s demonstration.

Paulette will contact Matt Loper to see if he is interested in conducting a nature walk this year.

Nursing and Dental Hygiene tables will be located in the back this year since they require more space.

Facilities will be asked to have staff available at 8:00 a.m. to help Marty (and others) with tables, etc. Paulette reminded classified staff committee members to ask their supervisors for release time on so they can help with set-up and clean up.

Joanne will provide baskets for the apples, handgrips and the drawings.

Arlene will make name tags featuring "the little guy" for all committee members.

Six boxes of Fuji apples have been donated for the event. Winning numbers for the door prizes will be drawn every 1/2 hour. The Bookstore, Athletic Department and Foundation once again provide donations this year. Jim Perez, VP of Student Services, donated $150 toward the purchase of hand grips.

Kathy confirmed that as of today, 14 agencies and 4 campus entities have confirmed their participation. They include Pathways for Women, FLAGG, Bastyr University, Planned Parenthood, Seattle Indian Health Board, Eating Disorder Club and Multicultural/International areas just to name a few.

Kathy distributed calling sheets for the vendors that have not replied. Callers were asked to make all calls by Wednesday, April 12th and confirm all information with Kathy by Monday, April 24th. Letters of instruction and parking passes will be sent on Friday, April 28th.

Wellness Matching Time Program

Paulette discussed this program currently offered by the Community Colleges of Spokane. It is a program offered to classified staff using release time for participants. A computer-tracking program is used to keep supervisors and attendees informed of their progress.

The committee felt this could be a viable program for all staff at SCC. Classified staff could ask for 1/2 hour of release time to match 1/2 hour of their personal time. It could be a full-time class, offered early, late and mid-day for a nominal fee of $20 to cover the cost of an instructor.

Further discussion will be the main focus of the June 6th meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 2nd from 3-4 p.m. in Room #1013 of the Administration Building.

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


March 7, 2000

Members attending: Paulette Fleming (chair), Marty Olsen, Arlene Strong, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

The minutes of the February 8, 2000 meeting were approved as written.

Paulette and Joanne gave a report on the EAS "Emotional and Physical Preparation for Retirement" presentation by Sara Maxwell on March 1st. 19 people responded with a mix of 17 faculty, classified staff and exempt employees actually attending. Thirty years ago, someone retiring at 65 could expect an average of six years of post-retirement living. Now the average is 24 years and growing so people are starting to plan for their retirement years earlier. Everyone seemed to agree that hobbies, volunteer work, a holistic approach and/or a simplistic lifestyle could make retiring easier. Concise information, helpful ideas, appropriate sayings, hearty laughter and lively interaction combined to make the session very enjoyable.

Arlene Strong and Kathy Wentworth attended Elizabeth Halfacre's graphics class on February 18th to explain the information we wanted on the Wellness Fair poster and to answer any questions. Students could choose to work on the multicultural poster or ours.

Eight posters were submitted for our review today. All were colorful; however, many lacked the necessary information that we asked for. After much discussion, the posters were eliminated one by one until the committee agreed on a final choice. Some small changes will be requested of the artist before it goes to press including having the artist sign their work. 50 posters will be printed at a cost of approximately $200, $150 of which will come from the faculty's Professional Development Fund per David Starr. It was a difficult choice for the committee since we were very impressed with all the entries. Paulette will write a letter to all of the students that participated.

Kathy reported that we have seven responses from vendors for the Wellness Fair. We have lost contact with several of last year's participants for one reason or another. AA has a new contact person and Seattle Indian Health is interested in participating this year. Kathy has asked that all information be returned to her by March 31st - those not returning the information will be contacted by committee members is April. Carol Jacobs is "working on" getting homegrocer.com to be part of the fair this year.

Last year, Jim Perez donated $150 toward the purchase of 250 green handgrips at $.98 each. Paulette will ask him for a similar donation this year. Discussion followed regarding other items we could purchase for handouts - Frisbees at $.81each, bookmarks or pens at $.89 each or stay with the handgrips. The grips can be used as a stress reliever and were so popular last year, so it was decided to place an order for 250 blue ones to match the poster. Printed on them will be Shoreline Community College Wellness Fair.

Paulette will see if we can get some apples donated from her brother-in-law's orchard or a back-up plan included asking Central Market in return for displaying their name as "donated by."

Other items finalized included:

Balloons will be strategically placed to create interest.

A video of last year's Fair will be played in the entryway of the PUB at the Registration Table to draw people in.

The Bookstore will be asked to provide door prizes but donations from other sources will also be appreciated.

There will be a contest to name the Wellness Committee's "little guy".

Elly will contact Carol Dyksterhuis to see if the Swing Club or the Cardio-Funk group can perform from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m.

Marty has a grant application for a Group Health Community Grant that he will fill out. Possibly they could attend the Wellness Fair since Stevens Hospital is previously committed elsewhere this year.

Marty said that there's been talk by some faculty of smoking cessation classes. Elly told him that the Environmental Committee, chaired by Larry Tilford, has also mentioned classes. Marty said that he would contact Larry for more details.

The discussion of the Wellness Matching Time Program using the Spokane CC model was postponed until the next meeting.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 4, 2000 in the Human Resources Training Room (#1013) of the Administration Building.

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


February 8, 2000

Members attending: Paulette Fleming (chair), Ken Burrus, Marty Olsen, Lynette Peters, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

The minutes of January 11, 2000 were approved with two changes. In the last paragraph on the first page, the "h" in Sarah was deleted and the event time was corrected to read 2 - 3 p.m.

Lynette Peters reminded everyone that she would be out of town on February 18th and couldn't go with Arlene Strong to Elizabeth Halfacre's class. She asked that someone else take her place and Elly Ellsworth agreed.

Discussion continued from the previous meeting regarding the poster language for the Wellness Fair. Kathy Wentworth distributed some ideas that she had using key words including balance, whole (holistic), well and healthy. Lynette Peters suggested "Life is a Balancing Act" changed a little so it didn't copy an announcement she had recently received.

Paulette went to the white board and diagramed the four basic balance categories: social, physical, spiritual and professional/school. Discussion followed about the areas that comprise a person's life and how the wellness theme could "bring it all together". After many minutes and innumerable suggestions, Life is a Balancing Act was chosen. This theme should provided the graphics class with many wonderful ideas.

Joanne Warner distributed the flyer for the EAS workshop on Wednesday, March 1st. Created by Elizabeth Robichaud (PIO), the Professional Development Committee will pay for the printing costs of the flyer. Information about the workshop will appear in Net News.

A retirement class is being offered by Continuing Education. There will be four sessions, each lasting 2 1/2 hours at a cost of $49.00. If you can't attend now, call Continuing Ed and ask to be put on their mailing list so you can stay informed about future classes.

The Wellness Fair will be on Tuesday, May 9th from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Marty Olson and Kathy Wentworth are the people the vendors will contact to arrange for tables and any additional needs for the event. An informational/sign-up mailing will be done by February 11th with a return date no later than March 31st. Parking passes and campus information regarding parking will be sent when the vendor confirms their participation. Kathy will send a list of vendors to Elly for distribution to the committee members in case they have additional contacts for the fair.

Since so much time was used on the poster theme, Paulette postponed the discussion of the Wellness Matching Time Program used by Spokane CC until the March 7th meeting.

 Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


January 11, 2000

Members attending: Paulette Fleming (chair), Ken Burrus, Lynette Peters, David Starr, Arlene Strong, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner, Hermien Watkins, Kathy Wentworth

The minutes of December 14, 1999 were approved as written and distributed.

Discussion continued about the theme for the Wellness poster. Suggestions made were: Becoming a Total Person and Becoming a Whole (meaning holistic) Person. After some discussion a vote was take and the theme "Becoming a Whole Person" was chosen. Arlene will take the theme to Elizabeth Halfacre's class on February 18th, as Lynette will be out of town.

Paulette introduced and welcomed Hermien Watkins, a Nursing instructor, as the newest member of the committee. Paulette gave some background information regarding the committee and the events that we will sponsor or co-sponsor for the balance of the academic year.

A suggestion was made that the Wellness Committee sponsor the Employee Advisory Services (EAS) workshop on Wednesday, March 1st as their winter quarter project. The theme is "Emotional and Physical Preparation for Retirement" and is targeted toward people that are within 5 - 7 years of retirement. The presentation, given at no cost to those attending, will include factors that may contribute to a long life post retirement. This event is scheduled for 2 - 3 p.m. in the Student Lounge and will be moderated by Sara Maxwell, EAS counselor. David Starr suggested that we ask the Classified Staff Development & Training Committee as well as the Faculty Development Committee to co-sponsor. Then the cost of producing the flyer could be paid for through David's budget (Faculty Development). A vote was taken and the project was authorized. Joanne, Kathy and David will work on the flyer and present it at the February 8th meeting.

Paulette and Arlene had to leave to continue the interviews for the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Joanne Warner replaced Paulette as chairperson.

Kathy Wentworth distributed a copy of last year's Wellness Fair flyer that was sent to prospective vendors. The committee recommended "jazzing up" the top section to get their attention. Kathy will work with Doug Ogg to have something ready by the February 8th meeting.

Hermien asked if the discussion regarding the wellness poster theme could be reopened. She stated that she thought the phrase "whole person" was overused and offensive. Elly got the Thesaurus to see if there was another word that could be interchanged - there wasn't- so the committee did some brainstorming:

Focus on healthy things, improving your health

    Keeping the "pieces" together

        Balance of professional and personal

            Ying/Yang - Holistic approach

All agreed that everyone is looking for more balance in their lives. David said that from a marketing point of view, the slogan should be seven syllables. Looking for a Little Balance was suggested but the committee decided to think about it until the next meeting.

Kathy asked for help with the vendor letters and questions as they commit to the Wellness Fair. It was suggested that Marty might be able to help her.

Hermien said the Health Occupations/Physical Education (HOPE) division does outreach teaching for clinical grades. Classes have been given by nursing students in smoking cessation, sex education/protection/safe sex practices. General facts for us included information that Highline Community College has a nurse on staff with a designated place for people to go for medical screening, injuries, etc. and it is a proven fact that people of color have less access to medical information.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 8th from 3 - 4 p.m. in Room 1013 of the 1000 Building.

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


December 14, 1999

Members attending: Paulette Fleming (chair), Lynette Peters, Arlene Strong, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

The minutes of November 2, 1999 were approved as written and distributed.

Discussion continued on the wellness poster project for winter quarter, 2000 with Elizabeth Halfacre's class. Arlene Strong and Lynette Peters volunteered to be the "subcommittee" that presented the Wellness Committee's ideas to the class.

Arlene suggested that the theme be holistic to reflect the whole person - mental, physical and spiritual. Paulette remembered a previous workshop that she had attended that stressed a balance between physical, social, professional and spiritual outlets. Also the final poster should be something we can use in Net News, etc. that instantly brings to mind the committee and its mission. Paulette asked everyone to bring poster language ideas to the January meeting.

Remember that the committee has no budget for Wellness Fair expenses. We will ask for funds again this year to cover any expenses from the Faculty Professional Development and Classified Staff Training & Development committees and Student Services. Paulette will check with Enrollment Services, Multicultural Services and the Women's Center to make sure the date of the fair does not interfere with any of their presentations.

Lynette announced there would be a free 5-week meditation class on Wednesday nights starting January 12 from 6 - 7 p.m. She also distributed flyers for New Beginnings, a shelter in the Shoreline area for battered women and their children.

If acceptable to committee members, the next two meeting dates will be changed since Elly has a conflict regarding minute taking on the original dates. Paulette asked everyone to check their calendars and let Elly know as soon as possible if January 11 and February 8 would be acceptable as new meeting dates.

Kathy suggested that "feelers" be put out now regarding participation by vendors and advertisers for the Wellness Fair. Paulette and Kathy will review the letter to go out in early February to past participants and any new vendors that have expressed an interest in attending the fair. The suggested date is Tuesday, May 9th but the cafeteria won't be reserved until the date is finalized.

Ideas for the fair include:

Continue the door prizes and handouts (like apples and handgrips). Kathy mentioned that Marty has found some handgrips in the shape of an apple. Paulette will contact him regarding cost.

Ask Carol Dyksterhuis and her Cardio-funk class to perform again but involve the audience this time. The video from last year could run in the foyer to entice people into the cafeteria. Also the pictures from last year could be put in Net News one or two weeks before the event as a reminder to those on campus that the fair date is approaching.

Kathy adding Erma Bombeck, Dave Barry, Bill Bryson and other humor writers to the bibliography list she is preparing for the Library.

Lynette expressed her thanks to all that took names from the Giving Tree in their office. The presents filled one office and were given to the residents at New Beginnings. Toilet articles are still needed and can be given to Lynette.


Can we get permission to have a good news area in Net News? Is it necessary to have the permission of anyone mentioned? Some people are very private and may not want their private lives made public.

Can the Gym be reserved for "staff only" during certain hours so exercising and workout routines can be done without fighting for the machines, etc.? Spokane already does that for their staff.

Happy Holidays!

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


 November 2, 1999

Members attending: Ken Burrus. Paulette Fleming (chair), Marty Olsen, Arlene Strong, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

Guest: Elizabeth Halfacre

Paulette welcomed Elizabeth Halfacre, Visual Communication Technology instructor, and asked that everyone introduce themselves including their department.

Paulette explained the committee's purpose, its goals and why we are requesting her help during winter quarter, 2000.

Elizabeth stated that designing a poster for the Wellness Fair would be a wonderful project for the students and also provides the added bonus of a finished portfolio piece for each of them.

Representatives from the committee would attend a class to explain the project - what information needs to be on the poster, size requirements and any color restrictions. (We can get guidelines from Elizabeth Robichaud in PIO). Since a digital press will be used it's probably better to limit the size to 11" x 17" with no color restrictions since that would allow students to use their creativity to the fullest. Remember that the committee pays for all printing costs.

Start to finish, the entire process takes about two weeks so starting in early February would allow enough time to finalize everything before the quarter ended. Class is held on Wednesday and Friday from 1:30 - 4:10 p.m. Please give her one week's notice before we come to class with instructions on our chosen theme.

Elizabeth wanted to know if the students could present their posters to the committee (or subcommittee) so they could "hone" their presentation skills. Part of the presentation could be how they interpreted the information provided, how they formed their design plan and color schemes. She also asked if we wanted to view the process at different stages and when the due date would be. Thanking her for attending, Paulette said that the committee would finalize everything in early January and advise her later that month before fall quarter ends.

Arlene suggested that we display all the posters in a conference room so everyone on campus could vote for their favorites. From the top three semi-finalists, the committee would chose the winning poster.

Paulette suggested the committee think about a theme to discuss at the next meeting. An example was Wellness into the Millennium.

A change in the minutes of the October 5th meeting was suggested. The last three words on the bottom of the first page should read June of 2000. The minutes were amended and adopted.

Paulette gave an update on flu shot activity on campus. In 2 1/2 hours on October 26th, 117 shots were given at a cost of $9 each through a cooperative effort of the Wellness Committee and Stevens Hospital. At the same time, the Dental Hygiene area was giving flu shots at $11 each. Student Government, through Visiting Nurses, had planned flu shots for $11 also but cancelled the event. It was decided that we want campus departments to work with us - not against us- so better coordination of wellness events is needed. Marty also suggested that we remind everyone to eat or drink something before they get their shot. He received his flu shot on an empty stomach and fainted because of low blood pressure.

We still need an activity for winter quarter. Several suggestions followed 1) a health fair with information available in different areas of campus. Participants would learn more about campus departments so it could benefit programs at a later date and it could be held in conjunction with a student activity. There is room in the Gym foyer for several tables. Information could be available regarding binge drinking and STD viruses, depression awareness week, light depravation syndrome or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and 2) a wellness scavenger hunt from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Donated prizes could be offered for the top three winners - example: a 1/2 hour massage from the Seattle School of Massage or a facial from the Cosmetology Department. Marty has found some gym grips in the shape of an apple so each participant would be guaranteed something. Remember there is no budget so funds must be obtained from other budgets - Jim Perez, Classified Staff Development, Professional Development, etc. The Library staff is willing to provide a bibliography for any subjects selected by the committee.

Many people have commented on the wellness tips available in Net News. Please send tips to Arlene for publication. Paulette conveyed the committee's thanks to Arlene for being the contact person.

Discussion changed the December meeting date to the 14th at 3 p.m. Fran Yokom's retirement party is scheduled for the 7th in place of the regular date.

Marty had a handout regarding WSU's substance abuse prevention program and another regarding SCC's compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act for the 1998-99 academic year. Joanne also indicated that she has "drug-free language" if anyone needs it. Paulette said all information would be placed on the "wellness shelf" bookcase in Room 1013 of the 1000 Building.

Tentative date for the Wellness Fair is Tuesday, May 9, 2000.

 Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


 October 5, 1999

Members attending: Paulette Fleming (chair), Ken Burrus, Marty Olsen, Lynette Peters, Arlene Strong, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

The minutes of June 1, 1999 were approved as distributed.

The monthly meeting schedule was approved with the following dates undecided:

December 7th - possible date of Fran Yokom's retirement party. The meeting date may be changed to December 14th. A decision will be made at the November 2nd meeting.

The January 4th meeting date was cancelled.

Rotation of committee members was discussed per guidelines established by the Governance Steering Committee. The Wellness Committee is comprised of two members each from the constituencies of administration, classified staff, faculty, students and one each from Classified Staff Development Training and Faculty Development committees. All serve a two-year staggered term. The committee  started in January of 1999 but Paulette suggested the terms run as follows:

Year One - September, 1999 - June, 2000

Year Two - September, 2000 - June, 2001

Committee members were asked to decide before the November meeting, who wanted to "rotate off" the committee in June of 2000.

Discussion of the poster for the Wellness Fair followed. Elizabeth Halfacre has agreed to assign her winter quarter art class a design project for wellness posters. She will be invited to our November 2nd meeting to discuss poster criteria (colors, size, etc.). Arlene will contact Kay Peterson to find out the criteria given to the art students for the poster recently created for the Foundation.

There is a possibility that two committee members will need to attend one class to explain about the fair and poster expectations. Arrangements will probably include a presentation to the committee for semi-final selections, possibly at the March 7th meeting. Finalists will go on display in the glass cases of the PUB with a ballot box available so everyone can vote for their favorite(s).

To be discussed further: 1) decide range of colors and dimensions to be used and 2) whether to send poster off campus for printing or use Docutech?

Paulette has talked to Ann Markel from Stevens Hospital about providing flu shots on campus. The date selected was Tuesday, October 26, probably from 11a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Ann already has signage available and tables will be set up in the PUB entrance area with shots costing $10. Information will be provided to Net News (with weekly reminders) and the Ebbtide for their October 8th and 22nd issues. Pauline will confirm the arrangements with Ann before we release any information.

Marty mentioned that Shoreline Community College is coming up on the bi-annual review for designation as a Drug Free Campus as defined by federal regulation through the Department of Education in 1992. Also the student disciplinary policy was just updated while the Student-Right-to-Know brochure needs to be updated and distributed to students.

Members feel very strongly that an emphasis should be placed on partnerships in committees. Example: the Wellness Committee encourages you to participate in the fall quarter events being offered by the Women's Center.

1999-2000 goals include a wellness activity for each quarter. Fall 's will be the flu shots on campus; winter (TBA) and spring's will be the Wellness Fair. Other events endorsed already this year are the ice cream social (information booths available), Women's Center brochure, Hi Tea (Women's Center) and one-on-one personal fitness training offered by Carol Dyksterhuis.

 Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


 June 1, 1999 

Members attending: Paulette Fleming (chair), Caryl Jacobs, Arlene Strong, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

· Paulette gave a review of the Wellness Fair:

Good: Approximately 280 people participated

75 – 100 more than last year

Table set-up very conducive to "roaming"

Exercise demonstrations very effective

Stress relief hand items very popular

Large variety of vendors, agencies and health providers participated

Bad: Rain prevented a large turnout for the Nature Walk on May 12th.

Suggestions for next year:Place sandwich boards outside the PUB

Provide donated juices instead of apples

Give each participant two tables

Plan for 250 or 300 attendees

Obtain co-sponsor of nature walk. Participants will receive a gift from the committee.

Advertising should indicate the advisability of bringing a raincoat or umbrella for the nature walk. General Comments: It was suggested that we start earlier to get commitments from agencies for the 2000 Wellness Fair. Kathy will add the Dental Hygiene students and the Seattle Police Department Crime Prevention units to the list of contacts.

Paulette will send a thank you note to Carol Dyksterhuis for overseeing the Swing Dance and Cardio-Funk demonstrations.

· The committee decided to forego meetings until fall quarter. Paulette will provide a tentative schedule for the 1999-2000 meetings and a Wellness Fair date.

· Discussion followed about putting a wellness tip on the Intranet each month. Since this is one of our goals for next year and health information is readily available from many sources, it was decided to use a timely tip in each issue of Net News. Arlene Strong will work with Donna Meyers to make sure deadlines for publications are met.

· Another goal for next year is to develop a wellness poster that will promote the theme of the 2000 wellness fair. Ideas included asking Elizabeth Halfacre’s class to submit ideas as part of a class credit project during fall quarter. Sample posters would be displayed and students would select the winning poster by voting during winter quarter. The theme could also be used on buttons, balloons, refrigerator magnets and T-shirts. VCT will be asked to silk screen the logo on shirts for gifts.

· There is some interest in walks around campus during the summer. It was suggested that staff keep a pair of tennis shoes available for "spur of the moment" treks. There is also a 24-hour fitness club close to campus. Caryl will contact them for more information about their facility.

· The minutes of May 4th were approved as submitted.

· Paulette talked about the information she provided to Chuck Fields for the Governance Committee in the annual report on the activities and goals of the Wellness Committee. Our first meeting was held on March 3, 1999, but two months later we sponsored a very successful wellness day. The goals for the 1999-2000 academic year are:  1)  develop "wellness tip" for monthly posting to Intranet; 2) work with VCT (as a class project) to develop a "Wellness" poster; 3) continue Wellness Fair during Spring Quarter; 4) study possibility of "release" time for on-going wellness activities; 5) sponsor quarterly event focusing on health ad wellness and 6) work with Student Services to develop Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 information and reporting requirements.

 Next meeting is 3 p.m. October 5, 1999 in Room #1013, 1000 Building

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


May 4, 1999 May 4, 1999 Members attending: Ken Burrus, Paulette Fleming (chair), Caryl Jacobs, Marty Olsen, Lynette Peters, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

Committee members gave a status report on the companies/agencies that they had contacted from the list that Kathy had provided. Many indicated were unable to participate this year, but would like to be involved next year. Several are unable to be here but are sending materials for handouts. They include the American Heart Association, Sports, Etc. (newspaper), possibly NW Aids Foundation and Seattle Rape Clinic. Others are still trying to coordinate staff, etc. to be here (Stevens Hospital, American Red Cross and Planned Parenthood, Weight Watchers and the American Cancer Society). Groups participating from campus include the Nursing Program, Women’s Center, Nutrition & Diet Tech Club, TSS, Dental Program, Classified Training, Rainbow Club, Human Resources and the Athletic Department is providing a Gym tour.

Paulette will send letters to all new participants with guest parking passes and campus maps. Security will "cone off" approximately 40 spaces in the visitor parking lot for their use.

Doug Ogg has designed a dramatic and eye-catching flyer. Discussion followed about the original design and how to advertise the event around campus. It was decided to use whatever colors of bright paper we have on hand, with a contrasting or deeper color as a side sheet. Information will be posted on all campus bulletin boards with special attention given to student areas.

Door Prizes: The Bookstore donated a sleeping bag and thermo lunch bag, Ken Burrus is donating a T-shirt and sweatshirt. The Women’s Center is donating pocket planners and key chains. Drawings will be held by hostess at sign-in table at 11, 11:30, 12, 12:30 and 1 p.m., you must be present to win,

Marty has reserved the room, Ken will arrange for a microphone and speakers,

Paulette, Kathy and Lynette are working on signage for the Nature Walk, door prize table and participants’ areas. There will be a separate sign-up sheet for the Nature Walk to be held on Wednesday, May 12th, time TBD.

Two groups will perform: at 11:45, a swing dance group will entertain us and at 12:30, the Cardio-Funk aerobics class will show us how to "get with it". There will be a sandwich board or easel giving information about the performers. Jennifer has asked the Media Center to tape the event to produce approximately 20 minutes of a documentary for use during opening week ceremonies. They will film the display areas and a small segment of by each entertainment group.

Marty will bring the apples to the Library (for washing) on Tuesday morning. Joanne will bring several baskets and cloths so participants can help themselves after they register for the door prizes.

Committee will meet at 9a.m. to set-up, stack chairs, etc. There will be tables on the floor to the sides of the stage (forming a 3-sided rectangle) with the sign-in table toward the stage. Signs will be placed on the outside of the doors, and the side entrance door blocked off. Three tables will be set-up for late comers.

 Next meeting is June 1, 1999 at 3 p.m. in Room #1013, Building 1000.

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth


April 29, 1999

Members attending: Paulette Fleming (chair), Caryl Jacobs, Lynette Peters, David Starr, Arlene Strong, Jennifer Swant, Joanne Warner, Kathy Wentworth

Kathy Wentworth reported that information regarding the Wellness Fair on Tuesday, May 11th from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. was sent to 40 agencies, with only eight responding. They include PFLAG, Shoreline Parks and Recreation, Puget Sound Blood Center and Marrow Bank. Everyone has been sent parking passes and maps (directions were to park by the PUB.)

Discussion followed regarding getting more companies to participate. It was decided that Kathy would give each committee member a list with names and phone numbers to contact before the next meeting. Lynette will contact Northwest Sports; Caryl will contact Cascade Bike Club and some hiking clubs.

General Information

Doug Ogg will design campus flyers and sandwich boards.

Lynette Peters will make signs for the tables.

Caryl Jacobs will try to get a donation of Odwalla juices.

The Bookstore and Ken Burrus (Gym) are donating door prizes.

Marty Olsen is arranging for boxes of apples.

The Classified Training Committee and Jim Perez’s Student Services area donated $310 for the purchase of 250 stress balls. They will be given away at the sign-in table towards the middle of the area. A table will be set up with a VCR playing "healthy" videos. The Library will be asked to participate by creating a bibliography of suitable books/videos and showcasing health, nutrition and other related items in their display cases.

There will be a cardio-function aerobics demonstration in the PUB at 12:30. Participants are from a class normally held at that time.

A table will be available with a sign-up list for the low impact Nature Walk on Wednesday, May 12th from 11: 30 to 12:15 with Matt Loper. Those wishing to join Matt should wear comfortable shoes and meet by the flagpole at 11:25 a.m.

Also on May 12th, the Women’s Center has a Lunchtime Forum that matches the theme of the week. Ann Laws-Bergeron and Karen Seibert will tell us how to increase our energy and vitality using the restorative properties of Chinese and whole food nutrition. This event is in the Student Lounge from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

A tour of the Gym will be given on March 12th, time to be determined soon.

Wellness Week and events will be publicized in Class Act, Ebb Tide and on Net News’ website. It’s too late to get the information published in Soundings.

There will be a canned food drive all week, possibly for two weeks.

tables will be hosted by:

Arlene Strong 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Jennifer Swant 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Joanne Warner 12:30 – 1 p.m.

Estimated attendance last year was 75 – 100 people. We hope to exceed that number this year.

Next meeting – May 4th at 3 p.m. in the 1100 Building Conference Room.

Submitted by Elly Ellsworth



March 3, 1999

Members present: Jennifer Swant, Ken Burrus, Kathy Wentworth, Joanne Warner, Marty Olsen, David Starr, Paulette Fleming

Introductions: Paulette requested that members introduce themselves and indicate why this committee was of interest to members.

The purpose of the committee, composition, and membership was detailed by Paulette.

Areas of Interest:

Desire to see release time for wellness activities Tour of Gym and what activities are available there; survey for interests of employees to enhance activities Survey employees to determine what wellness-related activities are wanted Wellness Fair

Wellness Fair for Spring 1999:

Tour gym: aerobics, racketball, weightroom, personal fitness training program, sauna and track

Personal Training Program


Nutrition Club

HO/PE Programs (nursing, dental hygiene)

Bibliography on wellness-related topics (such as: injury prevention, sexual harassment, nutrition)

Campus Tours: botany, birds, flora and fauna

Student Wellness Fair for Spring 1999: Marty working with Scott Saunders for date. Most activities in PUB but plan to move to Gym for one day to highlight what activities are there.


Stress management Humor Acupuncture Yoga Meditation Non-traditional wellness STDs Drugs and Alcohol American Heart Association Diabetes Assocation


1) Ask Department to feature Wellness Topics

Lmc Gym Counseling

2) Ask VCT class to develop Wellness poster as class project

3) Promote Wellness Fair with balloons at campus entrances

4) Develop "Wellness Tip" for monthly posting on IntraNet

Respectfully submitted: Paulette Fleming