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Description of Committee

Description of Committee

Committee Name : Wellness Committee


Purpose : To help all members of the campus community function better in their personal and work lives by providing comprehensive wellness programs, such as Wellness Fairs, that address issues related to physical, mental and emotional health. This committee also makes recommendations regarding the provision of necessary information to the campus community regarding substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and other self-destructive behaviors.


Advisory to : Vice President for Human Resources and Employee Relations


Committee Required by Contract : This committee is not required by contract; however, two college policies relate to the purpose of this committee: Policy 4120 (Drug-Free Workplace: Employees) and Policy 5328 (Substance Abuse and Sexually Transmitted Diseases).


Meeting Frequency : As needed, but at least once per quarter.


Communication of Agenda and Minutes : Posted on Governance Web Site of College Intranet ( Additionally, hard copies distributed and posted as needed.


Length of Time Committee Will Exist : On-going


Membership : Two members from each of the constituencies (faculty, classified staff, administrative/exempt staff, and students), recommended to the college president by constituency heads. Additionally, serving in an ex-officio, non-voting capacity, will be a faculty member who is on the faculty professional development committee and a classified staff member who is on the classified staff professional development committee.


Length of terms : Two-year staggered terms so members do not phase off the committee at the same time.


Recommended by Governance Steering Committee: June 2, 1998

Approved by College President: June 5, 1998

Revised:  November 17, 1998