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Email Migration

For Faculty/Staff using Exchange:


For Android go into Settings/Accounts and add a Corporate e-mail account

  • Account Name: your e-mail address, e.g.
  • Username: your email address again, e.g.
  • Password: your password
  • Exchange server:
  • Use secure connection (SSL): checked
  • Accept all SSL certificates: not checked
  • This should set your Email applet to getting SCC mail
  • Your Calendar applet will show events from all calendars you have set up, so Gmail, Exchange, and local phone calendars for me


How to Configure Exchange Account On Iphone

Difficulty: Easy



1. The first part is to make sure the device is connected to the network. When on campus the best connection will likely be WiFi. Make sure you can browse to external websites before proceeding.


2. Next, choose to set up an Exchange account




3. The items the user needs to type are Email, Domain, Username, Password, and Description.  


2 3


4. When successful you should see that it autodetects the initial mail server. Note that this is the initial server not necessarily the ultimate server the user will be using.




5. Choose to sync Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.  Keep any existing info.




6 .Go check email. :) If the server behind the scenes is different for the user the configuration will update automatically. Notice that the Server now reads “”. That is the correct server for the user and it changed without anyone having to know that.