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Travel Handbook

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The following questions are being proposed in the form of a checklist to help you plan for your travel.  All employees requesting travel status must complete a Travel Authorization Form.

  • Will you be traveling out-of-state?   If so, in addition to your supervisor's signature, you will need to obtain the signatures of the Vice President of your area and the College President on the Travel Authorization Form.

  • I s there a registration fee that must be prepaid for the conference, seminar, or meeting you will be attending?   If yes, complete the Travel Requisition Form and submit a copy of the agenda or published meeting notice and completed registration materials.  Note the registration deadline. To eliminate duplication of registration payments this is the only way registration will be paid by the college.

  • Will you require airline, rail or bus reservations to reach your travel destination?   You may either contact one of Shoreline’s recommended state-approved travel agencies for cost estimates and departure times to your destination (inform the travel agent that you are with Shoreline Community College) or contact the Travel Desk at ext. 6671 to make reservations directly with the airlines. Do not purchase your airline ticket on your personal credit card, the College is unable to reimburse you according to OFM regulations.

  • Do you need a car rental?   You may contact Enterprise Rental at 1-800-847-3722 directly or one of the recommended travel agencies to reserve a car rental.  Please reference Corporate Account #45WA038.

  • Will you need overnight commercial lodging at your destination?   If commercial lodging has not been identified as part of the information for your conference, seminar or meeting, contact one of the recommended travel agencies for lodging available at your destination.  Note:  If your cost of lodging will exceed the maximum allowable rate for your destination, you must have a statement with explanation for the necessary increase in cost on the Travel Requisition Form

  • While in travel status, will you have miscellaneous expenditures?   These may include, but are not limited to taxi fare, bus fare, shuttle, parking fees, ferry and bridge tolls, etc. Be sure to provide an estimated amount for these expenses on the Travel Requisition Form. Personal expenditures are not reimbursable.

  • Will you need to check out a Travel credit card or will you need a travel advance?   There are a number of travel cards you can check out for lodging, and miscellaneous travel expenses. If you need a Travel Advance, fill out the necessary section on the Travel Requisition form and have your supervisor's approval.  Allow two weeks for processing your travel advance check.

  • Save all receipts for bus, rail, rental car, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses.   Attach these original receipts to the Travel Expense Voucher for reimbursement upon your return from travel status. Please secure these receipts to an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

  • Do you plan to take any personal leave in conjunction with your approved travel request?   If so, complete the necessary personal leave requests.