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The Shoreline Early Alert (SEA) program is designed to help students who are encountering difficulty in the pursuit of their academic goals.


When to Refer

If you've observed factors like those listed below, and you have previously reached out to the student without seeing positive change, it's time to fill out the SEA referral form.

Examples of student difficulties that may lead you to make a referral:

  • Low test scores
  • Unexplained excessive absenteeism
  • Tardiness with indication of transportation or family concerns
  • Pacing in an online class
  • Not doing assignments
  • Financial matters
  • External concerns

SEA is intended to:

  • Be a positive and supportive experience for students
  • Support students who may be showing or have indicated possible academic "red flags"
  • Direct students to appropriate resources


SEA is not intended to be:

  • Punitive, disciplinary, or a means for enforcing classroom policies (e.g. cell phone use, disruptive behavior, absenteeism associated with classroom policy, etc.)
  • For behaviors of concern, please see the Behavioral Intervention Team


What Happens Next

There a series of steps that occur in order:


  1. Employee submits a referral
  2. SEA Team member contacts the student
  3. SEA Team member intervenes and directs student to appropriate resources

Throughout this process, an SEA team member may contact the employee who made the referral as needed.


Make a Referral


After clicking the button below, you will be prompted to login using your Shoreline credentials.

  • Username: For example: or jdoe or sccts/jdoe
  • Password: the password for your Shoreline email account 

Make a Referral