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Training Video: Active Shooter

First Aid

The following general emergency procedures are recommended:


1. Notify immediately:

a. The Campus Emergency Number at Ext. 4499, or the Safety and Security Department at Ext. 4633, or 9-911 fire department.

Shoreline Community College
Safety & Security Department
Building 5000, Room 5102
(206) 546-4633
or cellular phone 206-235-5860, 206-235-5861

b. Your supervisor and/or department head.

2. Give your name, location, department, and telephone extension you are calling from. Give as much information as possible regarding the person and the injury or illness.


3. Return to the victim. Keep the victim as calm, comfortable, and warm as possible.


4. Render only that first aid absolutely necessary to the immediate situation.


5. Do not move the injured person except in situations where further injury or danger exists (i.e., falling debris, or fire).


6. Do not administer medication, food, water, or stimulants.


7. Remain with the victim until the Safety and Security staff arrive.


8. The responding Security Officer to complete an Incident/Accident Report regardless of the severity

of the injury or illness.


9. The first aid kits located in this building:


10. Know the names of First Aid and C.P.R. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) qualified personnel in your building.