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Training Video: Active Shooter

Crime In Progress

1. Do not attempt to apprehend or interfere with the suspected criminal except in times of self-protection.


2. If safe to do so, stop and take time to get a good description of the suspect.

Suspect's description (height, weight, sex, color, approximate age, hair color, distinguished physical marks, and clothing), method and direction of travel, and suspects name, if known.

All this takes only a few seconds, and is of the utmost assistance to the investigating officers. If the suspect is entering a vehicle, note the license number, make and model, color, and outstanding vehicle characteristics.

3. Call the Campus Emergency Number at Ext. 4499, or dial9-911, or 911 if you are calling from a public phone.Give your name, location, and department.


Shoreline Community College
Safety & Security Department
Building 5000, Room 5102
(206) 546-4633
or cellular phone 206-235-5860, 206-235-5861


Advise them of the situation, and remain where you are until contacted by an officer.


4. In the event of civil disturbance, continue inasmuch as possible with your normal routine. If the disturbance is outside, stay away from doors and windows.


5. Do not interfere with those persons creating the disturbance, or with law enforcement authorities on the scene.


6. In cases of theft, property damage, illness, or injuries, contact the Safety and Security Department at Ext. 4633.