Organizational Charts

Organizational Charts

Human Resources and Employee Relations

October 2017

Chart 1: Office of the President


Chart 2:  Office of Student Learning & Success

2-A1 International Education

2-A2 Business

2-A3 Health Occupations & Physical Education

2-B1 English, GED/ABE, ESL & Communication Studies

2-B2 Humanities

2-C1 Library & Media

2-C2 Social Sciences, Equity & Social Justice

2-D1 Science, Math & Engineering

2-D2 Automotive & Manufacturing

2-D3 Clean Energy Programs

2-D4 Workforce & Continuing Education
2-E1 Advising, Counseling Services & Equity and Engagement

2-E2 Student Support Programs

2-E3 Athletics & Student Life

2-F  Virtual Campus & Instructional Technology


Chart 3:  Office of Administrative Services

3-A1  Budget

3-A2  Facilities

3-A3  Safety & Security

3-B1  Technology Support Services

3-B2  Enrollment & Financial Aid Services

3-B3  Financial Services

3-B4  Auxiliary Services

3-B5  Parent-Child Center


Chart 4:  Office of Advancement

Chart 5:  Office of Human Resources & Employee Relations