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Innovation & Opportunities Reserve

The Innovation and Opportunities Reserve (“Innovation Fund”) is intended to finance new and outstanding ideas proposed by students, faculty, or staff.  Proposals should be innovative – they should not have been done at Shoreline Community College before.  In addition, they should benefit the college (students, faculty, staff, etc.), either financially or otherwise. 


The Innovation Fund is not intended to cover ongoing expenses; proposals should be for one-time funding.   Projects do not necessarily need to align with the Strategic Plan, however they should be consistent with the College’s goals. 


Question: I have a good idea.  Should I apply through the Innovation Fund, or should I request financial support through the regular budget process?


Answer:  If your project is innovative, will benefit the college, and can be completed without committing the college to ongoing expense, please apply through the Innovation Fund. 

If your project is not innovative, or if you will have continuing expenses (such as a permanent employee), you should pursue funding through the regular budget process.  See this page instead.


In fall 2012, the Board of Trustees established the Innovation and Opportunities Reserve with an initial $2,000,000 allocation.  The Reserve was replenished in fall 2014.