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Add a Fake "Test" Student to my Class

Please fill out this form if you would like a fake "test" student placed into your Bb classroom. You can use this account to test things out from an actual student perspective. Just log out of Bb as yourself and log in with the fake student's username and password (given below).

These test student accounts are for SCC faculty-use only, so please do not give this information out to students. When you log in as a fake student, you will see that the account is being used by other faculty. Please use the fake student account to enter only your classroom.

Your Name:  
Your Bb Username:  
Your E-mail Address:  
Bb Course Name:  
Bb Course ID:  

Choose one or more fake student accounts to place into your classroom.  These accounts will show at the end of your roster/gradebook when you have it viewed per last name or per first name.

Username / Password
Teststudenta / teststudenta
Teststudentb / teststudentb
Teststudentc / teststudentc
Teststudentd / teststudentd
Teststudente / teststudente
Teststudentf / teststudentf
Teststudentg / teststudentg