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Access to a Fake "Test" Faculty Bb Account

Please fill out this form if you would like access to a fake "test" instructor Bb account. If you plan on being hired by the college but are not yet hired, you can request a fake account to get access to the Bb system. Please note that other faculty may be using this fake account as well.

Your Name:  
Your Bb Username:  

Choose one or more fake faculty accounts to place into your classroom.These accounts will show at the end of your roster/gradebook when you have it viewed per last name or per first name.

Username / Password
Fakefacultya / fakefacultya
Fakefacultyb / fakefacultyb
Fakefacultyc / fakefacultyc
Fakefacultyd / fakefacultyd
Fakefacultye / fakefacultye
Fakefacultyf / fakefacultyf
Fakefacultyg / fakefacultyg